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Kok, W.C.
Li, S.-C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11985A globally convergent procedure for solving a system of nonlinear algebraic equationsTang, S.M. ; Kok, W.C. 
21997Analytical phonon dispersion relations for diamond-like structuresOh, T.T.; Kok, W.C. 
31987Bound-state solutions of the radial Schrödinger equation with application to the screened Coulomb potentialKok, W.C. 
41990Cardan's solution for determining the dispersion relations for monatomic crystal latticesKok, W.C. 
51992Determination of some physical parameters from infrared reflectance spectraKok, W.C. 
62-Jan-1994Determination of the conduction band discontinuity of a semiconductor n-N heterojunctionKok, W.C. 
7May-1990Determination of the phonon density of states from specific heat dataKok, W.C. 
81999Donor energies in a quantum well: A perturbation approachYip, Y.T.; Kok, W.C. 
91-Aug-1987Efficiency of a modified globally convergent algorithm for solving systems of non-linear equationsKok, W.C. ; Tang, S.M. 
101-Aug-2001Far-infrared absorption spectra of doped quantum well structuresJiang, P.; Kok, W.C. 
1115-Dec-2001Intradonor 1s-2p+ absorption line shapes of doped GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As superlatticesJiang, P.; Kok, W.C. 
122009Is diabetes knowledge associated with health-related quality of life among subjects with diabetes? A preliminary cross-sectional convenience-sampling survey study among English-speaking diabetic subjects in SingaporeWee, H.-L. ; Thumboo, J. ; Tan, K.; Li, S.-C. ; Zhang, X.-H.
13Mar-1989On the determination of the elastic constants of tetragonal crystals with application to strontium molybdateLee, W.Y.; Kok, W.C. 
141982On the structure of binary hard-sphere fluid mixturesKok, W.C. ; Tang, S.M. 
151-Dec-1988Pole expansion determination of the pair correlation function of a simple fluidKok, W.C.