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Teo Ho Khoon,Edward
Teo E.
Teo, E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A doubly rotating black ring with dipole chargeChen, Y. ; Hong, K. ; Teo, E. 
214-Sep-2011A new AF gravitational instantonChen, Y. ; Teo, E. 
321-Jul-2003A new form of the C-metricHong, K. ; Teo, E. 
47-Jan-2005A new form of the rotating C-metricHong, K. ; Teo, E. 
510-Mar-2005A no-go theorem for accelerating cosmologies from M-theory compactificationsTeo, E. 
615-Jan-2006Accelerating black diholes and static black diringsTeo, E. 
72012Balanced electric-magnetic dihole in Kaluza-Klein theoryChen, Y. ; Teo, E. 
82003Black diholes in five dimensionsTeo, E. 
92001Black diholes with unbalanced magnetic chargesLiang, Y.C. ; Teo, E. 
1024-Sep-1998Black hole absorption cross-sections and the anti-de Sitter-conformal field theory correspondenceTeo, E. 
1111-Sep-2011Black holes on gravitational instantonsChen, Y. ; Teo, E. 
1215-May-1999Bounds on negative energy densities in static space-timesFewster, C.J.; Teo, E. 
13Jan-2014Generalized planar black holes and the holography of hydrodynamic shearMcInnes, B. ; Teo, E. 
1415-Aug-1997Monopoles, vortices, and kinks in the framework of noncommutative geometryTeo, E. ; Ting, C. 
152003Multi-black-hole solutions in five dimensionsTan, H.S. ; Teo, E. 
162015New form of the C metric with cosmological constantChen Y. ; Lim Y.-K. ; Teo E. 
1715-Apr-2000Quantum inequalities and "quantum interest" as eigenvalue problemsFewster, C.J.; Teo, E. 
182002Quantum interest in two dimensionsTeo, E. ; Wong, K.F.
19Oct-2010Rod-structure classification of gravitational instantons with U(1)×U(1) isometryChen, Y. ; Teo, E. 
2023-Sep-2008Rotating black lens solution in five dimensionsChen, Y. ; Teo, E.