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120-Jan-20203D Global Aromaticity in A Fully Conjugated Diradicaloid Cage at Different Oxidation StatesNI YONG ; YADAGIRI GOPALAKRISHNA TULLIMILLI ; PHAN VAN HOA ; Taeyeon Kim; HERNG TUN SENG ; Yi Han; Tao Tao; DING JUN ; Dongho Kim; Wu Jishan 
210-Apr-20193D-Printed Anti-Fouling Cellulose Mesh for Highly Efficient Oil/Water Separation ApplicationsKoh, J Justin ; Lim, Gwendolyn JH ; Zhou, Xin; Zhang, Xiwen ; Ding, Jun ; He, Chaobin 
38-Apr-20203D-printed surface-patterned ceramic membrane with enhanced performance in crossflow filtrationLyu Z. ; Ng T.C.A. ; Tran-Duc T.; Lim G.J.H. ; Gu Q. ; Zhang L. ; Zhang Z. ; Ding J. ; Phan-Thien N. ; Wang J. ; Ng H.Y. 
41-Jul-20193D-Printing of Pure Metal-Organic Framework MonolithsLim, GJH; Wu, Y; Shah, BB; Koh, JJ; Liu, CK; Zhao Dan ; Cheetham, AK; WANG,JOHN ; DING JUN 
527-Nov-2017A Three-Dimensionally π-Conjugated Diradical Molecular CageGu, Xiao ; Gopalakrishna, Tullimilli Y ; Phan, Hoa ; Ni, Yong ; Herng, Tun Seng ; Ding, Jun ; Wu, Jishan 
62016Benzo-thia-fused [: N] thienoacenequinodimethanes with small to moderate diradical characters: The role of pro-aromaticity versus anti-aromaticityShi, X ; Quintero, E; Lee, S; Jing, L; Herng, T.S ; Zheng, B; Huang, K.-W; López Navarrete, J.T; Ding, J ; Kim, D; Casado, J; Chi, C 
72016Bovine serum albumin-conjugated ferrimagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles to enhance the biocompatibility and magnetic hyperthermia performanceKalidasan, V ; Liu, X.L ; Herng, T.S ; Yang, Y ; Ding, J 
82018Control of magnetic anisotropy by orbital hybridization with charge transfer in (La0.67Sr0.33MnO3)n/(SrTiO3)n superlatticeZhang, B. ; Wu, L.; Zheng, J.; Yang, P. ; Yu, X. ; Ding, J. ; Heald, S.M.; Rosenberg, R.A.; Venkatesan, T.V. ; Chen, J. ; Sun, C.-J.; Zhu, Y.; Chow, G.M. 
92019Correlation of resistance switching and polarization rotation in copper doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Cu) thin films studied by Scanning Probe MicroscopyXiao, J. ; Herng, T.S. ; Guo, Y.; Ding, J. ; Wang, N.; Zeng, K. 
102018Curved ?-conjugated corannulene dimer diradicaloidsWang, Q.; Hu, P. ; Tanaka, T.; Gopalakrishna, T.Y. ; Herng, T.S. ; Phan, H. ; Zeng, W. ; Ding, J. ; Osuka, A.; Chi, C. ; Siegel, J.; Wu, J.
1130-May-2019Effects of TiO2 Doping on Microstructure and Properties of Directed Laser Deposition Alumina/Aluminum Titanate CompositesDongjiang Wu; Yunfei Huang; fangyong Niu; Guangyi Ma; Shuai Yan; Chaojiang Li ; Jun Ding 
121-Jan-2019Evidence of Spin Frustration in a Vanadium Diselenide Monolayer MagnetWong, PKJ ; Zhang, W ; Bussolotti, F; Yin, X ; Herng, TS ; Zhang, L ; Huang, YL; Vinai, G; Krishnamurthi, S:; Bukhvalov, DW; Zheng, YJ ; Chua, R ; N'Diaye, AT; Morton, SA; Yang, CY; Ou Yang, KH; Torelli, P; Chen, W ; Goh, KEJ ; Ding, J ; Lin, MT; Brocks, G; de Jong, MP; Castro Neto, AH ; Wee, ATS 
132018Examining the effect of ions and proteins on the heat dissipation of iron oxide nanocrystalsKalidasan, V ; Liu, X.L ; Li, Y; Sugumaran, P.J; Liu, A.H ; Ren, L; Ding, J 
142017Ferrite-based soft and hard magnetic structures by extrusion free-formingPeng, E ; Wei, X; Herng, T.S ; Garbe, U; Yu, D; Ding, J 
152014Ferromagnetic ordering in Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticlesLuo, X; Lee, W.-T; Xing, G; Bao, N ; Yonis, A; Chu, D; Lee, J; Ding, J ; Li, S; Yi, J
168-Jan-2018gamma-MnS films with 3D microarchitectures: comprehensive study of the synthesis, microstructural, optical and magnetic propertiesDhandayuthapani, T.; Girish, M.; Sivakumar, R.; Sanjeeviraja, C.; Gopalakrishnan, C.; Nagarajan, R. S.; Mathew, S. ; Jun, Ding ; Venkatesan, T. ; Selvan, G. Kalai; Manikandan, K.; Arumugam, S.
172014Green emission in carbon doped ZnO filmsTseng, L.T; Yi, J.B; Zhang, X.Y; Xing, G.Z; Fan, H.M; Herng, T.S ; Luo, X; Ionescu, M; Ding, J ; Li, S
182019Heterogeneously tempered martensitic high strength steel by selective laser melting and its micro-lattice: Processing, microstructure, superior performance and mechanismsLi, X. ; Tan, Y.H.; Willy, H.J.; Wang, P.; Lu, W. ; Cagirici, M.; Ong, C.Y.A. ; Herng, T.S. ; Wei, J.; Ding, J. 
1913-Apr-2019Highly effective smoothening of 3D-printed metal structures via overpotential electrochemical polishingShuai Chang ; Aihong Liu ; Chun Yee Aaron Ong ; Lei Zhang; Xiaolei Huang ; Yong Hao Tan ; Liping Zhao; Liqun Li; J Ding 
202017Low-field switchable dynamic anisotropy in FeCoN thin film with weak stripe domainWu, Y.P ; Yang, Y ; Yang, Z.H ; Zong, B ; Ding, J