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Jun Ding
Jun, D.
Ding Jun
Ding, Jun
Ding, J.


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Date Issued:  [1990 TO 1999]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Oct-1998A comparative study of melt-spun ribbons of Nd12Fe82B6 and Nd15Fe77B8Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Yong, P.T.
212-Oct-1998A magnetic study of melt-spun Nd10Fe85B5 ribbonsDing, J. ; Li, Y. ; Lee, K.Y.
320-Dec-1999A structural, magnetic and mössbauer investigation on melt-spun Nd0.33(Fe0.75Al0.25)0.67 ribbonsSi, L. ; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, L.; Wang, X.Z. 
45-May-1998An ultrafine barium ferrite powder of high coercivity from water-in-oil microemulsionLiu, X.; Wang, J. ; Gan, L.-M. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Ding, J. 
5Dec-1999Anomalous magnetic viscosity in bulk-amorphous materialsWang, L.; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, X.Z. 
621-Mar-1999Coercivity of rapidly quenched Nd60Fe30Al10 alloysDing, J. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, Z.X.
71999Comparative study of barium ferrite prepared by mechanical milling and co-precipitationNg, W.K.; Ding, J. ; Lu, L. 
820-Nov-1998High-coercivity ferrite magnets prepared by mechanical alloyingDing, J. ; Miao, W.F.; McCormick, P.G.; Street, R.
929-Mar-1999Magnetic and hardness properties of nanostructured Ni-Co films deposited by a nonaqueous electroless methodChow, G.M. ; Ding, J. ; Zhang, J.; Lee, K.Y.; Surani, D.; Lawrence, S.H.
10Apr-1999Magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed Sm2Fe17-xGaxCyDing, J. ; McCormick, P.G.; Street, R.
111999Magnetic properties of rapidly quenched RE-Fe-Al alloys with RE=Nd and YDing, J. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, X.Z. 
1220-Sep-1999Magnetoresistivity and metamagnetism of the Nd33Fe50Al17 alloyDing, J. ; Si, L. ; Li, Y. ; Wang, X.Z. 
131998Mechanically alloyed nanocomposite magnets (invited)McCormick, P.G.; Miao, W.F.; Smith, P.A.I.; Ding, J. ; Street, R.
14Nov-1999NiFe2O4 ultrafine particles prepared by co-precipitation/mechanical alloyingShi, Y. ; Ding, J. ; Liu, X.; Wang, J. 
152-Mar-1999Remanence enhancement of single-phased isotropic nanostructured permanent magnetsZhao, G.P. ; Ong, C.K. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Lim, H.S. ; Ding, J. 
16Jan-1998Structural evolution of Fe + Fe2O3 during mechanical millingDing, J. ; Miao, W.F.; Piraulta, E.; Street, R.; McCormick, P.G.
171999Structure and magnetic characterization of amorphous and crystalline Nd-Fe-Al alloysWang, X.Z. ; Li, Y. ; Ding, J. ; Si, L. ; Kong, H.Z. 
18Apr-1999Structure and magnetic properties of Y60Fe30Al10 melt-spun ribbonsLi, Y. ; Ding, J. ; Wang, X.Z. 
19Jan-1998Ultrafine BaFe12O19 powder synthesised by mechanochemical processingDing, J. ; Tsuzuki, T.; McCormick, P.G.
201-Sep-1998Unusual magnetization anisotropy in amorphous Nd-Fe-Al ribbonsLi, Y. ; Ding, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Wang, X.Z.