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Lim Yoon Pin
Lim, Yoon Pin
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Cep68 can be regulated by Nek2 and SCF complexMan X.; Megraw T.L.; Lim, Yoon Pin 
22014Evaluation of global differential gene and protein expression in primary pterygium: S100A8 and S100A9 as possible drivers of a signaling networkHou A.; Lan W.; Law K.P.; Khoo S.C.J.; Tin M.Q.; Lim Y.P. ; Tong L.
32014Human finger-prick induced pluripotent stem cells facilitate the development of stem cell bankingTan H.-K.; Toh C.-X.D.; Ma D. ; Yang B.; Liu T.M. ; Lu J.; Wong C.-W. ; Tan T.-K.; Li H.; Syn C. ; Tan E.-L. ; Lim B. ; Lim Y.-P. ; Cook S.A. ; Loh Y.-H. 
424-Oct-2016S100P is overexpressed in squamous cell and adenosquamous carcinoma subtypes of endometrial cancer and promotes cancer cell proliferation and invasionHongfei Jiang; Hang Hu; Fan Lin ; Yoon Pin Lim ; Yunfen Hua; Xiaomei Tong; Songying Zhang
52014The use of transformed IMR90 cell model to identify the potential extra-telomeric effects of hTERT in cell migration and DNA damage responseCao X.; Kong C.M.; Mathi K.M. ; Lim Y.P. ; Cacheux-Rataboul V.; Wang X. 
62016TRPV4 regulates breast cancer cell extravasation, stiffness and actin cortexLee, W.H ; Choong, L.Y ; Mon, N.N ; Lu, S ; Lin, Q ; Pang, B ; Yan, B; Krishna, V.S.R ; Singh, H; Tan, T.Z ; Thiery, J.P ; Lim, C.T ; Tan, P.B.O ; Johansson, M; Harteneck, C; Lim, Y.P 
72015USP15 regulates SMURF2 kinetics through C-lobe mediated deubiquitinationIyengar, P.V ; Jaynes, P ; Rodon, L; Lama, D; Law, K.P ; Lim, Y.P ; Verma, C ; Seoane, J; Eichhorn, P.J.A