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12013A class of affine projection filters that exploit sparseness under symmetric alpha-Stable noisePelekanakis, K. ; Chitre, M. 
22004A compact real-time acoustic bandwidth compression system for real-time monitoring of ultrasoundKoay, T.B. ; Potter, J.R. ; Chitre, M. ; Ruiz, S. ; Delory, E.
32007A digital thin line towed array for small autonomous underwater platformsPallayil, V. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Deshpande, P.D. 
42013A feasibility analysis on using bathymetry for navigation of autonomous underwater vehiclesKalyan, B. ; Chitre, M. 
52007A high-frequency warm shallow water acoustic communications channel model and measurementsChitre, M. 
62007A method for tracing dolphin whistlesMallawaarachchi, A.; Ong, S.H. ; Chitre, M. ; Taylor, E.
72007A multi-channel MAC protocol for AUV networksShahabudeen, S. ; Chitre, M. ; Motani, M. 
82013A path planning system for Autonomous Launch and Recovery System of Autonomous Underwater VehiclesSuman, S.; Pai, S.; Wu, Y.; Kalyan, B. ; Chitre, M. 
92010A scheduling algorithm for wireless networks with large propagation delaysChitre, M. ; Motani, M. ; Shahabudeen, S. 
102007Advanced PANDA for high speed autonomous ambient noise data collection and boat tracking - System and resultsKoay, T.B. ; Seeking, P.J. ; Chitre, M. ; Tan, S.P. ; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. 
112003Ambient noise imaging - First deployments of ROMANIS and preliminary data analysisVenugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Tan, E.T. ; Potter, J. ; Beng, K.T. ; Ruiz, S.B. ; Tan, S.P. 
121999Ambient noise imaging in warm shallow seas; second-order moment and model-based imaging algorithmsPotter, J.R. ; Chitre, M. 
13Aug-2012Ambient noise imaging in warm shallow waters; Robust statistical algorithms and range estimationChitre, M. ; Kuselan, S. ; Pallayil, V. 
142011Ambient Noise Imaging through joint source localizationKuselan, S. ; Chitre, M. ; Pallayil, V. 
152012Ambient noise imaging: Experiments with romanis, an ARL built underwater ANI cameraVenugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M. ; Kuselan, S. ; Raichur, A. ; Ignatius, M. ; Chandrika, U.K.; Chandhavarkar, N.R. ; Pieng, T.S. 
162011An algorithm for sparse underwater acoustic channel identification under symmetric α-Stable noisePelekanakis, K. ; Liu, H. ; Chitre, M. 
172007An architecture for underwater networksChitre, M. ; Freitag, L.; Sozer, E.; Shahabudeen, S. ; Stojanovic, M.; Potter, J. 
18Jul-2010AquaOptical: A lightweight device for high-rate long-range underwater point-to-point communicationDoniec, M.; Detweiler, C.; Vasilescu, I.; Chitre, M. ; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Rus, D.
192007Automatic classification of whistles produced by indo-pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis)Nanayakkara, S.C. ; Chitre, M. ; Ong, S.H. ; Taylor, E.
202008Automatic template matching for classification of dolphin vocalizationsRui, G. ; Chitre, M. ; Ong, S.H. ; Taylor, E.