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Chen Zhi Ning
Chen, Zhi Ning
Chen, Zhining
Chen Z.N
Chen, Z.N.
Chen, Z.
Chen, Z.-N.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013140-GHz SIW LTCC antenna array using a large via-fenced and slotted dielectric loadingXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Hong, W.
22013140-GHz TE20-mode dielectric-loaded SIW Slot antenna array in LTCCXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Hong, W.
32013270-GHz LTCC-integrated high gain cavity-backed fresnel zone plate lens antennaXu, J.; Chen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.
4201360-GHz end-fire fan-like antennas with wide beamwidthSun, M.; Qing, X.; Chen, Z.N. 
5201260-GHz substrate integrated waveguide-fed transverse aperture antennasChen, Z.N. ; Gong, K.; Qing, X.; Chen, P.; Hong, W.
62000A Broad-Band Sleeve Monopole Integrated into Parallel-Plate WaveguideChen, Z.N. ; Hirasawa, K.; Wu Ke
720-Nov-2002A circular planar inverted-L antenna with a vertical ground planeChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
82010A segmented loop antenna for UHF near-field RFIDOng, Y.S.; Qing, X.; Goh, C.K.; Chen, Z.N. 
9Mar-2013A special section on ME (Medical Engineering) week 2012 in ChibaYu, W.; Ito, K.; Igarashi, T.; Chen, Z.N. ; Chen, W.; Ge, Y.; Yamaguchi, T.; Acharya, U.R.
10Apr-2003A wide-band shorted planar monopole with bevelAmmann, M.J.; Chen, Z.N. 
112013A wideband circularly polarized stacked slotted microstrip patch antennaNasimuddin, N.; Qing, X.; Chen, Z.N. 
122000Active patch antenna for digital TV receiverLi, B.; Xu, L.; Chia, Y.W.M. ; Sun, J.; Chen, Z.N. 
135-Oct-2003An asymptotic formula for estimating coupling between suspended plate antennas with an inclined ground planeZhang, H.-X.; Chen, Z.-N. ; Li, L.-W. 
142015An SPH model for multiphase flows with complex interfaces and large density differencesChen Zhi Ning ; Zong Z.; Liu M.B.; Zou L.; Li H.T.; Shu Chang 
15Aug-2002Annular planar monopole antennasChen, Z.N. ; Ammann, M.J.; Chia, M.Y.W. ; See, T.S.P.
162013Antenna research and development in SingaporeChen, Z.N. ; Qing, X.; Zhang, Y.P.; Shen, Z.; Tan, E.L.; Li, E.P.
17Feb-2003Broad-band suspended probe-fed plate antenna with low cross-polarization levelsChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
18Jan-2006Broad-bandwidth and low-loss metamaterials: Theory, design and realizationLi, L.-W. ; Yao, H.-Y. ; Wu, Q.; Chen, Z.-N. 
195-Nov-2000Broadband monopole antenna with parasitic planar elementChen, Z.N. ; Chia, Y.W.M. 
20Oct-2001Broadband planar inverted-L antennasChen, Z.N. ; Chia, M.Y.W.