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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
411-Apr-2019Messenger RNA Modifications in PlantsShen, Lisha; Liang, Zhe ; Wong, Chui Eng ; Yu, Hao 
421-Jul-2019Molecular Basis of Natural Variation in Photoperiodic Flowering ResponsesBAO SHENGJIE ; Hua, C; Huang, G; CHENG PENG ; Gong Ximing ; Shen, L; YU HAO 
43Jun-2008Molecular characterization of Arabidopsis and Brassica juncea Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutases reveals their regulation of shoot regenerationLim, T.S.; Chitra, T.R.; Tay, B.H.; Pua, E.C. ; Yu, H. 
442016Molecular characterization of FT and FD homologs from Eriobotrya deflexa Nakai forma koshunensisZhang, L; Yu, H ; Lin, S; Gao, Y
452001Molecular genetics of reproductive biology in orchidsYu, H. ; Goh, C.J. 
46Oct-2010MOTHER OF FT and TFL1 regulates seed germination and fertility relevant to the brassinosteroid signaling pathwayXi, W.; Yu, H. 
472010MOTHER OF FT and TFL1 regulates seed germination through a negative feedback loop modulating ABA signaling in ArabidopsisXi, W.; Liu, C.; Hou, X. ; Yu, H. 
4830-Oct-2021N6-methyladenosine modification underlies messenger RNA metabolism and plant developmentHAO YU ; Yanlin Shao; Chui Eng Wong; Lisha Shen
4915-Feb-2022New insights into centromeres from Arabidopsis Col-CEN assemblyAn Yan ; HAO YU 
50Mar-2014New insights into the regulation of inflorescence architectureTeo, Z.W.N.; Song, S.; Wang, Y.-Q.; Liu, J.; Yu, H. 
51Apr-2013Overexpression of DOSOC1, an ortholog of arabidopsis SOC1, promotes flowering in the orchid dendrobium chao parya smileDing, L.; Wang, Y.; Yu, H. 
5215-Jan-2010Pin1At Encoding a Peptidyl-Prolyl cis/trans Isomerase Regulates Flowering Time in ArabidopsisWang, Y. ; Liu, C.; Yang, D. ; Yu, H. ; Liou, Y.-C. 
532016Pin1At regulates PIN1 polar localization and root gravitropismXi, W ; Gong, X ; Yang, Q ; Yu, H ; Liou, Y.-C 
54Oct-2003Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants by RNAYu, H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
5519-May-2009Regulation of Floral Patterning by Flowering Time GenesLiu, C.; Xi, W.; Shen, L.; Tan, C.; Yu, H. 
56Feb-2004Repression of AGAMOUS-LIKE 24 is a crucial step in promoting flower developmentYu, H. ; Ito, T.; Wellmer, F.; Meyerowitz, E.M.
1730-Jan-2022RNA N6-methyladenosine modification promotes auxin biosynthesis required for male meiosis in riceHAO YU ; PENG CHENG ; SHENGJIE BAO ; CHENGXIANG LI ; JIANHUA TONG; LISHA SHEN
1812-Jun-2020SHAGGY-like kinase 12 regulates flowering through mediating CONSTANS stability in ArabidopsisChen, Y. ; Song, S. ; Gan, Y.; Jiang, L.; Yu, H. ; Shen, L.
192018Site-specific phosphorylation of TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA1 mediates carbon partitioning in Arabidopsis seedsLi C. ; Zhang B. ; Chen B.; Ji L. ; Yu H. 
202002Spatial and temporal expression of the orchid floral homeotic gene DOMADS1 is mediated by its upstream regulatory regionsYu, H. ; Shu, H.Y.; Chong, J.G.