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125-Mar-2013A Conserved Genetic Pathway Determines Inflorescence Architecture in Arabidopsis and RiceLiu, C.; Teo, Z.W.N.; Bi, Y.; Song, S.; Xi, W.; Yang, X.; Yin, Z.; Yu, H. 
28-Jul-2008A Repressor Complex Governs the Integration of Flowering Signals in ArabidopsisLi, D.; Liu, C.; Shen, L.; Wu, Y.; Chen, H.; Robertson, M.; Helliwell, C.A.; Ito, T. ; Meyerowitz, E.; Yu, H. 
3Nov-2012A zinc finger protein gene ZFP5 integrates phytohormone signaling to control root hair development in ArabidopsisAn, L.; Zhou, Z.; Sun, L.; Yan, A.; Xi, W.; Yu, N.; Cai, W.; Chen, X.; Yu, H. ; Schiefelbein, J.; Gan, Y.
4Nov-2009AGAMOUS controls GIANT KILLER, a multifunctional chromatin modifier in reproductive organ patterning and differentiationNg, K.-H.; Yu, H. ; Ito, T. 
5Jul-2008AGAMOUS-LIKE 17, a novel flowering promoter, acts in a FT-independent photoperiod pathwayHan, P. ; García-Ponce, B.; Fonseca-Salazar, G.; Alvarez-Buylla, E.R.; Yu, H. 
610-Dec-2002AGAMOUS-LIKE 24, a dosage-dependent mediator of the flowering signalsYu, H. ; Xu, Y.; Tan, E.L.; Kumar, P.P. 
72001Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of a Dendrobium orchid with the class 1 knox gene DOH1Yu, H. ; Yang, S.H.; Goh, C.J. 
8Dec-2009An expanding list: Another flowering time gene, FLOWERING LOCUS T, regulates flower developmentXi, W.; Yu, H. 
92011AtPV42a and AtPV42b redundantly regulate reproductive development in arabidopsis thalianaFang, L.; Hou, X. ; Lee, L.Y.C.; Liu, L.; Yan, X.; Yu, H. 
102010Characterization of floral organ identity genes of the orchid dendrobium crumenatumXu, Y.; Yu, H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
11Dec-2006Cloning and characterization of Arabidopsis and Brassica juncea flavin-containing amine oxidasesLim, T.S.; Chitra, T.R.; Han, P. ; Pua, E.C. ; Yu, H. 
1214-Dec-2010DELLAs Modulate Jasmonate Signaling via Competitive Binding to JAZsHou, X. ; Lee, L.Y.C.; Xia, K.; Yan, Y.; Yu, H. 
132000Differential gene expression during floral transition in an orchid hybrid Dendrobium Madame Thong-InYu, H. ; Goh, C.J. 
14Apr-2008Direct interaction of AGL24 and SOC1 integrates flowering signals in ArabidopsisLiu, C.; Chen, H.; ER HONG LING ; Soo, H.M.; Kumar, P.P. ; Han, J.-H. ; Liou, Y.C. ; Yu, H. 
152017DOAP1 promotes flowering in the orchid Dendrobium chao praya smileSawettalake N.; Bunnag S.; Wang Y. ; Shen L.; Yu H. 
162000DOH1, a class 1 knox gene, is required for maintenance of the basic plant architecture and floral transition in orchidYu, H. ; Shu Hua Yang; Chong Jin Goh 
175-Jan-2017Dot Blot Analysis of N6-methyladenosine RNA Modification LevelsShen, Lisha; LIANG ZHE ; YU HAO 
1818-May-2004Floral homeotic genes are targets of gibberellin signaling in flower developmentYu, H. ; Ito, T.; Zhao, Y.; Peng, J. ; Kumar, P. ; Meyerowitz, E.M.
19Apr-2006Floral organ identity genes in the orchid Dendrobium crumenatumXu, Y.; Teo, L.L.; Zhou, J.; Kumar, P.P. ; Yu, H. 
202018FTIP-Dependent STM Trafficking Regulates Shoot Meristem Development in ArabidopsisLiu, L.; Li, C. ; Song, S. ; Teo, Z.W.N. ; Shen, L.; Wang, Y. ; Jackson, D.; Yu, H.