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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2008A Repressor Complex Governs the Integration of Flowering Signals in ArabidopsisLi, D.; Liu, C.; Shen, L.; Wu, Y.; Chen, H.; Robertson, M.; Helliwell, C.A.; Ito, T. ; Meyerowitz, E.; Yu, H. 
2Oct-2013Emerging insights into florigen transportLiu, L.; Zhu, Y.; Shen, L.; Yu, H. 
32018FTIP-Dependent STM Trafficking Regulates Shoot Meristem Development in ArabidopsisLiu, L.; Li, C. ; Song, S. ; Teo, Z.W.N. ; Shen, L.; Wang, Y. ; Jackson, D.; Yu, H. 
4May-2012Genome-wide identification of SOC1 and SVP targets during the floral transition in ArabidopsisTao, Z.; Shen, L.; Liu, C.; Liu, L.; Yan, Y.; Yu, H. 
5Jul-2008Global identification of DELLA target genes during arabidopsis flower developmentHou, X. ; Hu, W.-W.; Shen, L.; Lee, L.Y.C.; Tao, Z.; Han, J.-H. ; Yu, H. 
61-Apr-2011J3 regulation of flowering time is mainly contributed by its activity in leavesShen, L.; Yu, H. 
72020Mesostigma viride Genome and Transcriptome Provide Insights into the Origin and Evolution of StreptophytaLiang, Z.; Geng, Y.; Ji, C.; Du, H.; Wong, C.E. ; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, P.; Riaz, A.; Chachar, S.; Ding, Y.; Wen, J.; Wu, Y.; Wang, M.; Zheng, H.; Wu, Y.; Demko, V.; Shen, L.; Han, X.; Zhang, P.; Gu, X.; Yu, H. 
819-May-2009Regulation of Floral Patterning by Flowering Time GenesLiu, C.; Xi, W.; Shen, L.; Tan, C.; Yu, H. 
912-Jun-2020SHAGGY-like kinase 12 regulates flowering through mediating CONSTANS stability in ArabidopsisChen, Y. ; Song, S. ; Gan, Y.; Jiang, L.; Yu, H. ; Shen, L.
10Feb-2011The J-domain protein J3 mediates the integration of flowering signals in ArabidopsisShen, L.; Kang, Y.G.G.; Liu, L.; Yu, H.