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Tee Khin Neo
Tee-Khin, N.
Neo, T.K.
Khin, N.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Management of acquired mandibular defects - Prosthodontic considerationsLeong, E.W.J.; Cheng, A.C.; Tee-Khin, N. ; Wee, A.G.
22013Mechanisms of failure in porcelain-veneered sintered zirconia restorationsSui, T.; Dragnevski, K.; Neo, T.K. ; Korsunsky, A.M.
32007Osseointegrated implants in craniofacial application: Current statusCheng, A.C. ; Leong, E.W.J.; Khin, N.T. ; Wee, A.G.; Fung, C.K.Y.; Lee, C.-M.
42007Predictable definitive impressions for multiple indirect restorations using a modified putty and wash impression procedureLeong, E.W.J.; Cheng, A.C. ; Khin, N.T. ; Lee, H.; Leong, D.J.M.
52006Prosthodontic management of acquired partial mandibulectomy discontinuity defects: A clinical reportCheng, A.C.; Leong, E.W.J.; Tee-Khin, N. ; Shu, Y.C.; Wee, A.G.
62008Prosthodontic management of an irradiated maxillectomy patient with severe trismus using implant-supported prostheses: A clinical reportCheng, A.C. ; Koticha, T.N. ; Tee-Khin, N. ; Wee, A.G.
72011Strain tomography of polycrystalline zirconia dental prostheses by synchrotron X-ray diffractionKorsunsky, A.M.; Baimpas, N.; Song, X.; Belnoue, J.; Hofmann, F.; Abbey, B.; Xie, M.; Andrieux, J.; Buslaps, T.; Neo, T.K. 
82008The management of a completely edentulous patient using simultaneous maxillary and mandibular CAD/CAM-guided immediately loaded definitive implant-supported prostheses: A clinical reportTee-Khin, N. ; Cheng, A.C. ; Lee, H.; Wee, A.G.; Leong, E.W.J.
92008The management of a severely resorbed edentulous maxilla using a bone graft and a CAD/CAM-guided immediately loaded definitive implant prosthesis: A clinical reportCheng, A.C. ; Tee-Khin, N. ; Siew-Luen, C.; Lee, H.; Wee, A.G.
102009The management of an edentulous maxilla using a CAD/CAM-guided immediately loaded provisional implant prosthesis with screw-retained and cement-retained abutments: A clinical reportTee-Khin, N. ; Cheng, A.C. ; Lee, H.; Wee, A.G.