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11-Jun-2020Beyond Physical Entrainment: Competitive and Cooperative Mental Stances During Identical Joint-Action Tasks Differently Affect Inter-Subjective Neural Synchrony and Judgments of AgencyPhilip Cho; Nicolas Escoffier ; Yinan Mao; Christopher Green; Richard Davis
22016Detecting temporal change in dynamic sounds: On the role of stimulus duration, speed, and emotionSchirmer, A ; Escoffier, N ; Cheng, X; Feng, Y; Penney, T.B 
32010Emotional MMN: Anxiety and heart rate correlate with the ERP signature for auditory change detectionSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. 
42018Groups and emotional arousal mediate neural synchrony and perceived ritual efficacyCho, P.S.; Escoffier, N. ; Mao, Y. ; Ching, A.; Green, C.; Jong, J.; Whitehouse, H.
52007Listen up! Processing of intensity change differs for vocal and nonvocal soundsSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Simpson, E.
62008The tonal function of a task-irrelevant chord modulates speed of visual processingEscoffier, N. ; Tillmann, B.
72010Unattended musical beats enhance visual processingEscoffier, N. ; Sheng, D.Y.J.; Schirmer, A. 
82008What grabs his attention but not hers? Estrogen correlates with neurophysiological measures of vocal change detectionSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Li, Q.Y.; Li, H.; Strafford-Wilson, J.; Li, W.-I.
92008When vocal processing gets emotional: On the role of social orientation in relevance detection by the human amygdalaSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Zysset, S.; Friederici, A.D.; Koester, D.; Striano, T.