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Liu Weimin
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Liu, W.M.
Liu, W.-M.
Liu, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2009Characterization of domain structure of periodically poled Mg:LiNbO 3 through multifrequency terahertz generationLiu, W.M. ; Tuchak, A.N.; Yan, Y.H. ; Kitaeva, G.Kh.; Tang, S.H. 
22009Characterization of narrow-band terahertz shaping in periodically poled Mg: LiNbO3 using multipulse pump probeLiu, W.M. ; Guo, H.C. ; Kitaeva, G.Kh.; Tuchak, A.N.; Yan, Y.H. ; Tang, S.H. 
3Aug-2009Compositional effect on the optical absorption and photoluminescence ofCdSxSe1-x quantum dots embedded in borosilicate glassesKumar, J.; Verma, A.; Pandey, P.K.; Bhatnagar, P.K.; Mathur, P.C.; Bhatnagar, M.; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
418-Feb-2009In vitro cancer cell imaging and therapy using transferrin-conjugated gold nanoparticlesLi, J.-L. ; Wang, L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zhang, Z.-P. ; Guo, H.-C. ; Liu, W.-M. ; Tang, S.-H. 
510-Mar-2011Influence of magnetic field on terahertz wave generation in photorefractive periodically poled lithium niobate crystalLi, G.; Li, D.; Ma, G.; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
62009Magnetic field induced terahertz π-phase shift in photorefractive periodically poled LiNbO3 through optical rectificationMa, G. ; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
72009Observation of terahertz Π-phase shift in an undoped PPLN induced by external magnetic fieldMa, G.; shi, J.; Zhu, Q.; Li, C.; Wang, Q.; Liu, W. ; Hai Tang, S. 
82009Photon energy and carrier density dependence of spin dynamics in bulk CdTe crystal at room temperatureMa, H.; Jin, Z.; Ma, G.; Liu, W. ; Hai Tang, S. 
92009Study of optical absorption and photoluminescence of quantum dots of CdS formed in borosilicate glass matrixKumar, J.; Verma, A.; Pandey, P.K.; Bhatnagar, P.K.; Mathur, P.C.; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H. 
102007Terahertz time-domain studies of far-infrared dielectric response in 5 mol % MgO: LiNbO3 ferroelectric single crystalGuo, H.C. ; Liu, W.M. ; Tang, S.H. 
112009Two-photon absorption in quantum dots of CdSxSe1-x using open aperture Z-scan and femtosecond laserKumar, J.; Verma, A.; Pandey, P.K.; Bhatnagar, P.K.; Mathur, P.C.; Bhatnagar, M.; Liu, W. ; Tang, S.H.