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Nyuk Hien Wong
Wong, N.H.
Hien, W.N.
Nyuk Hien, W.

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Subject:  Urban heat island

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Building surfaces and their effect on the urban thermal environmentPriyadarsini, R. ; Wong, N.H. 
22009Causes of urban heat island in Singapore: An investigation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Priyadarsini, R.; Hien, W.N. 
32007Geographical Information System (GIS)-based Urban Heat Island study in NUS campusHien, W.N. ; Jusuf, S.K. 
42005Historical analysis of long-term climatic data to study urban heat islands in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Tan, Y.P.; Loh, L.F.
52016Local climate change and urban heat island mitigation techniques - The state of the artAkbari, H; Cartalis, C; Kolokotsa, D; Muscio, A; Pisello, A.L; Rossi, F; Santamouris, M; Synnefa, A; Wong, N.H ; Zinzi, M
62008Microclimatic modeling of the urban thermal environment of Singapore to mitigate urban heat islandPriyadarsini, R.; Hien, W.N. ; Wai David, C.K.
71-Nov-2013Predicting the envelope performance of commercial office buildings in SingaporeZhun Min Adrian, C. ; Nyuk Hien, W. ; Marcel, Ignatius; Kardinal, Jusuf Steve
82005Study of green areas and urban heat island in a tropical cityWong, N.H. ; Yu, C. 
92007The influence of land use on the urban heat island in SingaporeKardinal Jusuf, S.; Wong, N.H. ; Hagen, E.; Anggoro, R.; Hong, Y.
102011Urban heat island study on building morphology related with micro-climate condition and energy consumption within Singapore commercial areaWong, N.H. ; Kardinal Jusuf, S.; Ignatius, M.