Full Name
Yuan Ping Feng
Feng, Y.-P.
Ping Feng, Y.
Yuanping, F.
Feng Y.P.
Feng, Y.
Yuan-Ping, F.
Feng, Yuan Ping
Feng, Y.P.
Feng, Y.-Y.
Feng, Yuan-ping
Yuan Ping Feng
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1Nov-2011A highly order-structured membrane electrode assembly with vertically aligned carbon nanotubes for ultra-low Pt loading PEM fuel cellsTian, Z.Q.; Lim, S.H.; Poh, C.K.; Tang, Z. ; Xia, Z.; Luo, Z.; Shen, P.K.; Chua, D. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Shen, Z.; Lin, J.
2Aug-2004A hybrid model to calculate the magnetization of nanostructured permanent magnetic materialsZhao, G.P. ; Lim, H.S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Ong, C.K. 
32001A model for magnetic ordering in inhomogeneous amorphous RE-Fe-Al alloysWang, L.; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Phuc, N.X.; Dan, N.H.
41-Jan-2011A molecular quantum wire of linear carbon chains encapsulated within single-walled carbon nanotube (Cn@SWNT)Lim, S.H.; Lin, J.; Widjaja, E.; Poh, C.K.; Luo, Z.; Gao, P.Q.; Shen, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Gong, H. ; Feng, Y. 
58-May-2000A superferromagnetic approach for rapidly quenched Y60Fe30Al10 alloysWang, L.; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Kong, H.Z. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, X.Z. 
610-Oct-2009Analytical determination of nucleation field and magnetic reversal modes in exchange-coupled nanolayersZhao, G.-P. ; Yang, C.; Xian, C.-W.; Feng, Y.-P. 
72020Anisotropic Collective Charge Excitations in Quasimetallic 2D Transition-Metal DichalcogenidesTang, C.S.; Yin, X. ; Yang, M.; Wu, D.; Wu, J.; Wong, L.M.; Li, C. ; Tong, S.W.; Chang, Y.-H.; Ouyang, F.; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, S.J.; Chi, D.; Breese, Mark B. H.; Zhang, W.; Rusydi, A. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
8Dec-1999Anomalous magnetic viscosity in bulk-amorphous materialsWang, L.; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, X.Z. 
910-Dec-2005Atomic structure of the 6H-SiC(0 0 0 1) nanomeshChen, W. ; Xu, H. ; Liu, L. ; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Peng, G. ; Tan, S.C. ; Feng, Y. ; Loh, K.P. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
10Feb-2009Bulk metallic glass formation, composite, and magnetic properties of Fe-B-Nd based alloysZhang, J.; Feng, Y.P. ; Li, Y. 
1128-Oct-2012Cationic-vacancy-induced room-temperature ferromagnetism in transparent, conducting anatase Ti 1-xTa xO 2 (x ∼0.05) thin filmsRusydi, A. ; Dhar, S. ; Roy Barman, A.; Ariando ; Qi, D.-C. ; Motapothula, M.; Yi, J.B. ; Santoso, I. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Yang, K.; Dai, Y.; Yakovlev, N.L.; Ding, J. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Neuber, G.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Ruebhausen, M.; Hilgenkamp, H.; Venkatesan, T. 
124-Dec-2000Cluster-glass behaviour of the substituted molybdenum ferrite: a magnetic and Mossbauer studyWang, L.; Ding, J. ; Roy, A.; Ghose, J.; Li, Y. ; Feng, Y.P. 
132011Defect-induced magnetism in undoped wide band gap oxides: Zinc vacancies in ZnO as an exampleXing, G.Z.; Lu, Y.H. ; Tian, Y.F.; Yi, J.B. ; Lim, C.C.; Li, Y.F.; Li, G.P.; Wang, D.D.; Yao, B.; Ding, J. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Wu, T.
1421-Mar-2023Efffcient Spin−Orbit Torque Switching in a Perpendicularly Magnetized Heusler Alloy MnPtGe Single LayerLizhu Ren ; Chenghang Zhou ; Xiaohe Song; Herng Tun Seng ; Liang Liu ; Chaojiang Li; Tieyang Zhao ; Zhenyi Zheng ; Jun Ding ; Yuan Ping Feng ; Jingsheng Chen ; Kie Leong Teo 
157-Jan-2011Electrically adjustable, super adhesive force of a superhydrophobic aligned MnO2 nanotube membraneZhao, X.-D.; Fan, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Ding, J.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Zou, B.-S.; Feng, Y.-P. 
1611-Feb-2015Electron-soft phonon scattering in n-type SrTiO3Zhou, W. X. ; Zhou, J.; Li, C. J. ; Zeng, S. W. ; Huang, Z. ; Ma, H. J. Harsan ; Han, K. ; Lim, Z. S. ; Wan, D. Y. ; Zhang, L. C. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Feng, Y. P. ; Ariando A. 
172011Electronic phase separation at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceAriando ; Wang, X.; Baskaran, G.; Liu, Z.Q.; Huijben, J.; Yi, J.B. ; Annadi, A.; Barman, A.R.; Rusydi, A. ; Dhar, S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Ding, J. ; Hilgenkamp, H.; Venkatesan, T. 
1816-Nov-2020Emergent Topological Hall Effect at a Charge-Transfer InterfaceLim, Zhi Shiuh ; Li, Changjian ; Huang, Zhen ; Chi, Xiao ; Zhou, Jun ; Zeng, Shengwei ; Omar, Ganesh Ji ; Feng, Yuan Ping ; Rusydi, Andrivo ; Pennycook, Stephen John ; Venkatesan, Thirumalai ; Ariando, Ariando 
192009Enhancement of room temperature ferromagnetism in C-doped ZnO films by nitrogen codopingYi, J.B. ; Shen, L. ; Pan, H. ; Van, L.H. ; Thongmee, S. ; Hu, J.F.; Ma, Y.W.; Ding, J. ; Feng, Y.P. 
20Jun-2007Fe-Nd-B-based hard magnets from bulk amorphous precursorZhang, J.; Lim, K.Y.; Feng, Y.P. ; Li, Y.