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Hwee Huat Tan
Tan, H.H.
Tan, Hwee Huat
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2013A computationally efficient state-space partitioning approach to pricing high-dimensional American options via dimension reductionJin, X.; Li, X.; Tan, H.H. ; Wu, Z.
22000A general approach for analysis and application of discrete multiwavelet transformsTham, J.Y. ; Shen, L. ; Lee, S.L. ; Tan, H.H. 
3Jul-2007A state-space partitioning method for pricing high-dimensional American-style optionsJin, X.; Tan, H.H. ; Sun, J.
4Apr-2001Characterisation of symmetric/antisymmetric orthonormal length-4 multi-filtersShen, L. ; Tan, H.H. 
5Nov-1999New biorthogonal multiwavelets for image compressionTan, H.H. ; Shen, L.-X. ; Tham, J.Y. 
61999New multifilter design property for multiwavelet image compressionTham, Jo Yew ; Shen, Lixin ; Lee, Seng Luan ; Tan, Hwee Huat 
7Jul-2001On a family of orthonormal scalar wavelets and related balanced multiwaveletsShen, L. ; Tan, H.H. 
8Jul-1995Periodic Orthogonal Splines and WaveletsKoh, Y.W.; Lee, S.L. ; Tan, H.H. 
92000Some properties of symmetric-antisymmetric orthonormal multiwaveletsShen, L. ; Tan, H.H. ; Tham, J.Y. 
101999Special class of orthonormal wavelets: Theory, implementations, and applicationsShen, Lixin ; Tham, Jo Yew ; Lee, Seng Luan ; Tan, Hwee Huat 
11Jul-1998Spline Interpolation and Wavelet ConstructionLee, S.L. ; Sharma, A.; Tan, H.H. 
12May-2000Symmetric-Antisymmetric Orthonormal Multiwavelets and Related Scalar WaveletsShen, L. ; Tan, H.H. ; Tham, J.Y. 
132013When should venture capitalists exit their investee companies?Li, X.; Tan, H.H. ; Wilson, C.; Wu, Z.