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Lee, C.-K.
Lee Chengkuo
Chengkuo, L.
Lee, C.
Lee, C.K.
Lee Chengkun
Lee Cheng Kuo
Lee, Vincent Ch


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118-Jul-2011A 2-D MEMS scanning mirror based on dynamic mixed mode excitation of a piezoelectric PZT thin film S-shaped actuatorKoh, K.H.; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
22017A 3D Printed Implantable Device for Voiding the Bladder Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) ActuatorsHassani, F.A ; Peh, W.Y.X ; Gammad, G.G.L; Mogan, R.P ; Ng, T.K; Kuo, T.L.C ; Ng, L.G ; Luu, P ; Yen, S.-C ; Lee, C 
329-Jul-2013A bi-stable nanoelectromechanical non-volatile memory based on van der Waals forceSoon, B.W.; Jiaqiang Ng, E.; Qian, Y.; Singh, N.; Julius Tsai, M.; Lee, C. 
42013A bistable silicon nanofin: An ideal device for nonvolatile memory applicationsSoon, B.W.; Singh, N.; Tsai, J.M.; Lee, C. 
521-Dec-2017A Black Phosphorus Carbide Infrared PhototransistorTan, Wee Chong ; Huang, Li ; Ng, Rui Jie; Wang, Lin ; Hasan, Dihan Md. Nuruddin ; Duffin, Thorin Jake ; Kumar, Karuppannan Senthil ; Nijhuis, Christian A. ; Lee, Chengkuo ; Ang, Kah-Wee 
62015A convection-driven long-range linear gradient generator with dynamic controlWang Hao ; Chen Chia Hung ; Xiang Zhuo Lin ; Wang Ming; Lee Cheng Kuo 
712-Mar-2012A dual-silicon-nanowires based U-shape nanoelectromechanical switch with low pull-in voltageQian, Y.; Lou, L.; Julius Tsai, M.; Lee, C. 
82016A flexible three-dimensional electrode mesh: An enabling technology for wireless brain–Computer interface prosthesesXiang, Z ; Liu, J; Lee, C 
923-Apr-2021A high-performance triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid wind energy harvester based on rotational tapered rollers aiming at outdoor IoT applicationsFang, Y; Tang, T; Li, Y; Hou, C; Wen, F; Yang, Z; Chen, T; Sun, L; Liu, H; Lee, C 
102013A junctionless gate-all-around silicon nanowire FET of high linearity and its potential applicationsWang, T.; Lou, L.; Lee, C. 
11Jun-2010A MEMS rotary comb mechanism for harvesting the kinetic energy of planar vibrationsYang, B. ; Lee, C. ; Kotlanka, R.K.; Xie, J.; Lim, S.P. 
12Feb-2007A MEMS VOA using electrothermal actuatorsLee, C. 
132018A modified abstraction of Sierpinski fractals towards enhanced sensitivity of a cross-coupled bow-tie nanostructureHasan, Dihan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
141-May-2019A Motion-Balanced Sensor Based on the Triboelectricity of Nano-Iron Suspension and Flexible PolymerWang, Zhihua; Yang, Songyi; Miao, Shuang; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
152013A multi-frequency vibration-based MEMS electromagnetic energy harvesting deviceLiu, H.; Qian, Y.; Lee, C. 
162013A new energy harvester design for high power output at low frequenciesDhakar, L.; Liu, H.; Tay, F.E.H. ; Lee, C. 
17Apr-2012A new S-shaped MEMS PZT cantilever for energy harvesting from low frequency vibrations below 30 HzLiu, H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. 
18Dec-2010A piezoelectric-driven three-dimensional MEMS VOA using attenuation mechanism with combination of rotational and translational effectsKoh, K.H.; Lee, C. ; Kobayashi, T.
19Dec-2011A scrape-through piezoelectric MEMS energy harvester with frequency broadband and up-conversion behaviorsLiu, H.; Tay, C.J. ; Quan, C. ; Kobayashi, T.; Lee, C. 
202018A self-powered six-axis tactile sensor by using triboelectric mechanismChen T.; Shi Q. ; Yang Z.; Liu J.; Liu H.; Sun L.; Lee C.