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Irene, Y.H.N.
Ng, I.Y.
Ng, Yue Hoong Irene
Ng, Yue Hoong
Ng, I.Y.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2012Chinese Singaporean attitudes towards poverty and inequality: A comparative analysisNg, I.Y. ; Koh, G.
2Dec-2012Comparison of Correctional Services for Youth Incarcerated in Adult and Juvenile Facilities in MichiganNg, I.Y.H. ; Sarri, R.C.; Shook, J.J.; Stoffregen, E.
3Feb-2012Designing and implementing an evaluation of a national work support programNg, I.Y.H. ; Ho, K.W.; Nesamani, T. ; Lee, A. ; Liang, N.T. 
4Dec-2012Educational aspirations of Malay youths from low-income families in SingaporeSenin, N.; Ng, I.Y.H. 
5Jun-2012Funding and remuneration in social services: Lessons from SingaporeNg, I.Y.H. ; Sim, H.
62010Globalization intentions in tension: The case of SingaporeNg, I.Y.H. 
7Feb-2011Incarcerating juveniles in adult prisons as a factor in depressionNg, I.Y.H. ; Shen, X.; Sim, H.; Sarri, R.C.; Stoffregen, E.; Shook, J.J.
8Mar-2009Intergenerational earnings mobility in Singapore and the United StatesNg, I.Y.H. ; Shen, X.; Ho, K.W.
9Oct-2013Intergenerational incarceration: risk factors and social exclusionNg, Yue Hoong Irene ; Sarri, Rosemary C.; Stoffregen, Elizabeth
10Jan-2013Multistressed Low-Earning Families in Contemporary Policy Context: Lessons from Work Support Recipients in SingaporeNg, I.Y.H. 
112013Multistressed Low-Earning Families in Contemporary Policy Context: Lessons from Work Support Recipients in SingaporeNg, Yue Hoong Irene 
12Mar-2012Parents' psychological self-concepts and children issues in low-income families in SingaporeNg, I.Y.H. 
131-Apr-2015Poverty attitudes of Singaporeans: a question of class, politics, and action?Ng, Yue Hoong Irene 
142013Social welfare in Singapore: rediscovering poverty, reshaping policyNg, Yue Hoong Irene 
15Mar-2012Special issue on the social dimension of childhood poverty, in conjunction with the Children-at-Risk workshop held at the national university of Singapore, 16 and 17 December 2011Ng, I.Y.H. 
16May-2006The impact of sexual abuse in the lives of young women involved or at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice systemGoodkind, S.; Ng, Yue Hoong ; Sarri, R.C.
17Dec-2010The pay challenge the case of social workers in SingaporeNg, I.Y.H. ; Sim, H.; Tan, R.S.Y.
18Apr-2013The political economy of intergenerational income mobility in SingaporeNg, Yue Hoong Irene 
192010What if social workers were paid more?Irene, Y.H.N. 
202010Youth.sg: the state of youth in SingaporeHo, Kong Chong ; Ng, Yue Hoong Irene ; Ho, Kong Weng ; Hamid, Nazira Abdul