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Chia, S.M.
Chia, S.M.
Chia, Ser-Mien
Chia, S.-m.
Chia, S.-M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120063D hepatocyte monolayer on hybrid RGD/galactose substratumDu, Y.; Chia, S.-m. ; Han, R.; Chang, S. ; Tang, H.; Yu, H. 
22008Automated algorithm for standardized quantification on liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Tan, N.; Chia, S.M. ; Xu, S.Y.; Kang, C.H.; Yu, H. 
32004Development of a capillary electrophoresis method for the quantitation of collagen methylationZhang, J.; Yu, H. ; Wei, H.P.; Quek, C.H.; Chia, S.M. 
42004Engineering extracellular matrix for modulation of cell behavioursNg, S.; Zhou, Y. ; Chia, S.M. ; Yu, H. 
52004Evaluation of collagen and methylated collagen as gene carriersWang, J.; Lee, I.-L.; Lim, W.S.; Leong, K.W.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Chia, S.M. ; Yu, H. 
62009Fibro-C-Index: Comprehensive, morphology-based quantification of liver fibrosis using second harmonic generation and two-photon microscopyTai, D.C.S.; Tan, N.; Xu, S.; Kang, C.H.; Chia, S.M. ; Cheng, C.L.; Wee, A.; Wei, C.L.; Raja, A.M.; Xiao, G.; Chang, S.; Rajapakse, J.C.; So, P.T.C.; Tang, H.-H.; Chen, C.S.; Yu, H. 
72005Galactosylated poly(vinylidene difluoride) hollow fiber bioreactor for hepatocyte cultureLu, H.-F.; Lim, W.S.; Zhang, P.-C.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Leong, K.W.; Chia, S.M. ; Yu, H. 
82003Galactosylated PVDF membrane promotes hepatocyte attachment and functional maintenanceLu, H.-F.; Lim, W.S.; Wang, J.; Tang, Z.-Q.; Zhang, P.-C.; Leong, K.W.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Chia, S.M. ; Yu, H. 
92000Hepatocyte encapsulation for enhanced cellular functionsChia, S.-M. ; Leong, K.W.; Li, J.; Xu, X.; Zeng, K.; Er, P.-N.; Gao, S.; Yu, H. 
10Feb-2013HGF regulates the activation of TGF-β1 in rat hepatocytes and hepatic stellate cellsNarmada, B.C.; Chia, S.-M. ; Tucker-Kellogg, L. ; Yu, H. 
112002Issues and technologies leading to a new bio-artificial liver with microencapsulated hepatocytesChia, S.-M. ; Zhou, Y. ; Sun, T.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Leong, K.W.; Chen, J.-P.; Yu, H. 
122006Kinectin-dependent assembly of translation elongation factor-1 complex on endoplasmic reticulum regulates protein synthesisOng, L.-L. ; Lin, P.-C.; Chia, S.-M. ; Yu, H. ; Zhang, X.
132003Microcapsules with improved mechanical stability for hepatocyte cultureYin, C.; Leong, K.W.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Yin, C.; Zhuo, R.-X.; Chia, S.M. ; Quek, C.H.; Yu, H. 
1417-May-2011Multi-layer cell encapsulation for tissue engineeringYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W ; CHIA, SER-MIEN ; WAN, ANDREW C. A. 
1512-Jul-2005Multi-layer cell encapsulation for tissue engineeringYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W. ; CHIA, SER-MIEN ; WAN, ANDREW C. A. 
162002Multi-layered microcapsules for cell encapsulationChia, S.M. ; Ng, M.L. ; Yu, H. ; Wan, A.C.A.; Quek, C.H.; Xu, X.; Shen, L.; Leong, K.W.; Mao, H.Q. 
1714-Jun-2005Non-disruptive three-dimensional culture and harvest system for anchorage-dependent cellsYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W. ; CHIA, SER-MIEN 
191999Novel hepatocyte encapsulation enhances cellular functionsChia, Ser-Mien ; Li, Jun ; Xu, Xi; Gao, Shujun; Leong, Kam W. ; Yu, Hanry 
202005Optimization of 3-D hepatocyte culture by controlling the physical and chemical properties of the extra-cellular matricesNg, S.; Wu, Y.-N. ; Yu, H. ; Zhou, Y. ; Toh, Y.-E.; Ho, Z.-Z.; Chia, S.-M. ; Zhu, J.-H. ; Mao, H.-Q.