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12012Wilson confidence intervals for the two-sample log-odds-ratio in stratified 2 × 2 contingency tablesBrown, B.M.; Suesse, T.; Yap, V.B. 
22010Wavelet and K-L seperability based feature extraction method for functional data classificationWan, J.; Chen, Z. ; Chen, Y.; Bai, Z. 
3May-2013Variational inference for generalized linear mixed models using partially noncentered parametrizationsTan, L.S.L.; Nott, D.J. 
411-May-2017Variational Bayes With Intractable LikelihoodMinh-Ngoc Tran; David Nott ; Robert Kohn
5Mar-2012Variational approximation for heteroscedastic linear models and matching pursuit algorithmsNott, D.J. ; Tran, M.-N.; Leng, C. 
6Mar-2007Variable selection for the single-index modelKong, E.; Xia, Y. 
7Jun-2008Variable selection and model averaging in semiparametric overdispersed generalized linear modelsCottet, R.; Kohn, R.J.; Nott, D.J. 
810-Apr-2004Using normal quantile plot to select an appropriate transformation to achieve normalityTan, W.D.; Gan, F.F. ; Chang, T.C.
918-Aug-2016Using a monotonic density ratio model to find the asymptotically optimal combination of multiple diagnostic testsBaojiang Chen; Pengfei Li; Jing Qin; Tao Yu 
10Apr-2003Upper bounds and importance sampling of p-values for DNA and protein sequence alignmentsChan, H.P. 
11Jul-2007Uniformly bounded components of normalityWang, X.; Zhou, W. 
121-Jul-2003Two-layer ranked set sampling with concomitant variablesChen, Z. ; Shen, L.
13Jan-2011Two-dimensional toxic dose and multivariate logistic regression, with application to decompression sicknessLi, J. ; Wong, W.K.
141-Aug-2006Two step-down tests for equality of covariance matricesChaudhuri, S. ; Perlman, M.D.
15Jun-2012Twicing local linear kernel regression smoothersZhang, W.; Xia, Y. 
16Sep-2010Transmission dynamics of Chlamydia trachomatis affect the impact of screening programmesAlthaus, C.L.; Heijne, J.C.M.; Roellin, A. ; Low, N.
17Dec-2012Trade-offs between effectiveness and efficiency in stroke rehabilitationKoh, G.C.-H. ; Chen, C.; Cheong, A.; Choo, T.B. ; Pui, C.K. ; Phoon, F.N.; Ming, C.K.; Yeow, T.B.; Petrella, R.; Thind, A.; Koh, D. ; Seng, C.K. 
182012Tracy-Widom law for the extreme eigenvalues of sample correlation matricesBao, Z.; Pan, G.; Zhou, W. 
19Aug-2008Towards a universal self-normalized moderate deviationJing, B.-Y.; Shao, Q.-M.; Zhou, W. 
20Jun-2009Tournament screening cum EBIC for feature selection with high-dimensional feature spacesChen, Z. ; Chen, J.