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12012Z-score biological significance of binding hot spots of protein interfaces by using crystal packing as the reference stateLiu, Q.; Wong, L. ; Li, J.
2Feb-2009Whole genome survey of coding SNPs reveals a reproducible pathway determinant of Parkinson diseaseSrinivasan, B.S.; Doostzadeh, J.; Absalan, F.; Mohandessi, S.; Jalili, R.; Bigdeli, S.; Wang, J.; Mahadevan, J.; Lee, C.L.G. ; Davis, R.W.; Langston, J.W.; Ronaghi, M.
32010Weighted complex network analysis of travel routes on the Singapore public transportation systemSoh, H.; Lim, S.; Zhang, T.; Fu, X.; Lee, G.K.K.; Hung, T.G.G.; Di, P.; Prakasam, S.; Wong, L. 
42007Using indirect protein interactions for the prediction of Gene Ontology functionsChua, H.N.; Sung, W.-K. ; Wong, L. 
52015Using biological networks in protein function prediction and gene expression analysisWong, L. 
62018TICA: Transcriptional Interaction and Coregulation AnalyzerPerna, S.; Pinoli, P.; Ceri, S.; Wong, L. 
7Jan-2013The trouble with boys: Social influences and the gender gap in disruptive behaviorBertrand, M.; Pan, J. 
82012The role of miRNAs in complex formation and controlGoh, W.W.B.; Oikawa, H.; Sng, J.C.G.; Sergot, M.; Wong, L. 
92006The promoter region of the MDR1 gene is largely invariant, but different single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes affect MDR1 promoter activity differently in different cell linesWang, B.; Ngoi, S.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Wang, J. ; Chong, S.S. 
102005The hepatitis B virus X protein sensitizes HepG2 cells to UV light-induced DNA damageLee, A.T.C.; Ren, J.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Wong, E.-T.; Ban, K.H.K.; Lee, L.A.
112009The G allele of SNP E1/A118G at the μ-opioid receptor gene locus shows genomic evidence of recent positive selectionPang, G.S.Y.; Wang, Z. ; Goh, C.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Wang, J. 
12Dec-2013The 24th international conference on genome informatics, GIW2013, in SingaporeEisenhaber, F.; Sung, W.-K. ; Wong, L. 
132011Temporal factors in school closure policy for mitigating the spread of influenzaZhang, T.; Fu, X.; Kwoh, C.K.; Xiao, G.; Wong, L. ; Ma, S.; Soh, H.; Lee, G.K.K.; Hung, T.; Lees, M.
1412-Dec-2012Supervised maximum-likelihood weighting of composite protein networks for complex predictionYong, C.H.; Liu, G. ; Chua, H.N.; Wong, L. 
152012Structural and Functional Analysis of Multi-Interface DomainsZhao, L.; Hoi, S.C.H.; Wong, L. ; Hamp, T.; Li, J.
1622-Oct-2013Structural analysis on mutation residues and interfacial water molecules for human TIM disease understandingLi, Z.; He, Y.; Liu, Q.; Zhao, L.; Wong, L. ; Kwoh, C.K.; Nguyen, H.; Li, J.
172011Structural analysis of the hot spots in the binding between H1N1 HA and the 2D1 antibody: Do mutations of H1N1 from 1918 to 2009 affect much on this binding?Liu, Q.; Hoi, S.C.H.; Su, C.T.T.; Li, Z.; Kwoh, C.-K.; Wong, L. ; Li, J. 
184-Aug-2014Stringent homology-based prediction of H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv protein-protein interactionsZhou, H.; Gao, S.; Nguyen, N.N.; Fan, M.; Jin, J.; Liu, B.; Zhao, L.; Xiong, G.; Tan, M.; Li, S.; Wong, L. 
192015Single-tube methylation-specific duplex-PCR assay for rapid and accurate diagnosis of Fragile X Mental Retardation 1-related disordersRajan-Babu I.-S.; Teo C.R. ; Lian M.; Lee C.G. ; Law H.-Y.; Chong S.S. 
201-Aug-2021Simultaneous Screening of the FRAXA and FRAXE Loci for Rapid Detection of FMR1 CGG and/or AFF2 CCG Repeat Expansions by Triplet-Primed PCRLiu, Timing; Wang, Furene S; Cheah, Felicia SH; Gu, Yanghong; Shaw, Marie; Law, Hai-Yang; Tay, Stacey KH; Lee, Caroline G ; Nelson, David L; Gecz, Jozef; Chong, Samuel S