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11-Feb-2021Why and how does the regulation of emerging technologies occur? Explaining the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation using the multiple streams frameworkNIHIT GOYAL ; HOWLETT MICHAEL PATRICK ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
21-Feb-2020Who Coupled Which Stream(s)? Policy Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Energy–Water Nexus in Gujarat, IndiaNihit Goyal ; Michael Howlett; Namrata Chindarkar 
326-Apr-2019What Kind of Responsibility Do We Have for Fighting Injustice? A Moral-Theoretic Perspective on the Social Connections ModelRobin Zheng 
42018What is My Role in Changing the System? A New Model of Responsibility for Structural InjusticeZheng, R 
53-Mar-2021Vulnerability to rumours during the COVID-19 pandemic in SingaporeVictoria JE Long; Wei Shien Koh; Young Ern Saw ; Jean Liu 
613-Jul-2021Utopian Rhetoric Has a Pleasure ProblemNomi Lazar 
72011Utopian logic in sarah scott's millenium hall and anthony trollope's the fixed periodNardin, J. 
82019Tropical carbon sink accelerated by symbiotic dinitrogen fixationLevy-Varon, J.H.; Batterman, S.A.; Medvigy, D.; Xu, X.; Hall, J.S.; van Breugel, M. ; Hedin, L.O.
912-Apr-2019Trends in Preparing Cyber-Physical Systems EngineersThi Bich Lieu Tran; Martin Torngren; Huu Duc Nguyen; Radoslav Paulen; Nancy Gleason ; Trong Hai Duong
1028-Jan-2020Transecting "Healthy" and "Sustainable" Food in the Asia PacificMarvin Joseph Montefrio ; Richard Wilk 
112-Nov-2016Trading with the Enemy? The Futility of US Commercial Countermeasures against the Chinese ChallengeDong Jung Kim 
121-Dec-2021Tracking private whatsapp discourse about covid-19 in singapore: Longitudinal infodemiology studyEdina YQ Tan ; Russell RE Wee; Young Ern Saw ; Kylie JQ Heng; Joseph WE Chin ; Eddie MW Tong ; Jean Liu 
132015Topological properties determined by atomic buckling in self-assembled ultrathin Bi(110)Lee J.H. ; Avsar A. ; Jung J. ; Tan J.Y. ; Watanabe K.; Taniguchi T.; Natarajan S. ; Eda G. ; Adam S. ; Castro Neto A.H. ; Ozyilmaz,Barbaros 
142018To message or browse? Exploring the impact of phone use patterns on male adolescents' consumption of palatable snacksTeo, E; Goh, D; Vijayakumar, K.M; Liu, J.C.J 
1513-Dec-2019Time Framing in the Rhetoric of Constitutional PreamblesNomi Lazar 
1624-Sep-2012Time bounds for general function pointersDockins, R.; Hobor, A. 
172018Theory of Coulomb drag in spatially inhomogeneous 2D materialsHo, D.Y.H ; Yudhistira, I ; Hu, B.Y.-K; Adam, S 
18Jul-2008Theorizing the international rule of lawNardin, Terry 
192015The Vernacular Mobilization of Human Rights in Myanmar's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity MovementChua, Lynette J. 
202013The tobacco-free generation proposalBerrick, A.J.