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12006Understanding competing application usage with the theory of planned behaviorLin, J. ; Chan, H.C. ; Wei, K.K.
213-Feb-2018Trust Ecologies and Channel Complementarity for Information Seeking in Cancer PreventionSeow Ting Lee; Mohan Dutta ; Julian Lin ; Pauline Luk; Satveer Gill Kaur 
311-Jan-1995Triosmium carbonyl cluster derivatives containing pentameric phenyl cyclopolyphosphineAng, H.-G. ; Ang, S.-G. ; Kwik, W.-L. ; Zhang, Q.
4Jan-2000Traditional Chinese medicines as immunosuppressive agentsRamgolam, V.; Ang, S.G. ; Lai, Y.H. ; Loh, C.S. ; Yap, H.K. 
5Aug-2010Three novel copper-radical complexes: Syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetic propertiesChen, X.-D.; Rong, R.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, L.-L.; Zhao, Q.-H.; Ang, S.G. ; Sun, B.-W.
614-Oct-2010Thermal and photoinduced covalent attachment of 3-Chloro-1-propanol on Si(100)-2× 1Shao, Y.X.; Dong, D.; Cai, Y.H.; Wang, S. ; Ang, S.G. ; Xu, G.Q. 
715-Nov-1999The reactions of bis(trifluoromethyl) phosphine and arsine wit trinuclear ruthenium carbonyl cluster: Molecular structures of the trinuclear and double-linked trinuclear clusters [Ru3(CO)8)(μ-H)2{μ-P(CF3) 2}2] and [{Ru3(CO)10(μ-H)}2{μ-P(CF 3)2}2]Ang, H.-G. ; Ang, S.-G. ; Du, S. 
8Jan-2013The influence of parental factors on children's receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure servicesJiow, H.J.; Lin, J. 
923-May-2019The Influence of Offline and Online Intrinsic Motivations on Online Health Information SeekingSeow Ting Lee; Julian Lin 
10Jul-2014The effects of gratifications on intention to read citizen journalism news: The mediating effect of attitudeLin, Yuan Cuo Julian 
11Jun-2012The antecedents of salespeople's relational behaviorsGuo, L. ; Ng, I.C.L.
12Apr-2012Testing the information technology continuance model on a mandatory sms-based student response systemLin, J. ; Rivera-Sánchez, M. 
133-Jan-2003Synthesis, NMR and structural studies of cluster derivatives derived from reactions of 1,2,3-triphenyl-1,2,3-triphosphaindan with [Os3(CO)10(μ-H)2]Ang, S.-G. ; Zhong, X. ; Ang, H.-G. 
14Jun-2004Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties of one- and two-dimensional copper(II) complexes bridged by succinateAng, S.G. ; Sun, B.W. ; Gao, S.
151-Jul-1999Synthesis, crystal structure and large third-order nonlinear optical properties of two novel nest-shaped clusters [MOS3Cu3(SCN)(Py)5] (M = Mo, W)Hou, H.; Ang, H.G. ; Ang, S.G. ; Fan, Y.; Low, M.K.M.; Ji, W. ; Lee, Y.W.
1615-Jan-2004Synthesis and structural studies of polynuclear ruthenium clusters derived from reactions of 1,2,3,4-tetraphenyl-1,2,3,4-tetraphospholane with [Ru3(CO)12]Zhong, X. ; Ang, S.-G. ; Ang, H.-G. 
1715-Mar-2000Synthesis and nonlinear optical absorptive and refractive properties of several novel nest-shaped clusters, and crystal structures of [MoI(bPy)2][MoOS3Cu3I2(bPy)] and [MoOs3Cu3I(Phen)2]Hou, H.; Ang, H.G. ; Ang, S.G. ; Fan, Y.; Low, M.K.M; Ji, W. ; Lee, Y.W.
1817-Feb-2003Synthesis and nonlinear optical absorption of novel porphyrin - Osmium-cluster complexesYang, G.Y.; Ang, S.G. ; Chng, L.L.; Lee, Y.W.; Lau, E.W.-P.; Lai, K.S.; Ang, H.G. 
1918-Feb-2010Switching from a [2 + 2] cycloaddition-like to an ene-like reaction in covalent attachment of halogenated acetonitrile on Si(100)-2×1: Effect of halogen substituentShao, Y.X.; Dong, D.; Cai, Y.H.; Wang, S. ; Ang, S.G. ; Xu, G.Q. 
202009Studies on CuTAPc-nanotube-modified electrodes as chemical sensors for NOGu, F.; Xu, G.Q. ; Ang, S.G.