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1May-2011γ-Tocotrienol is a novel inhibitor of constitutive and inducible STAT3 signalling pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma: Potential role as an antiproliferative, pro-apoptotic and chemosensitizing agentRajendran, P.; Li, F.; Manu, K.A. ; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Loo, S.Y.; Kumar, A.P. ; Sethi, G.
214-Jun-2019Zika Virus NS5 Forms Supramolecular Nuclear Bodies That Sequester Importin-a and Modulate the Host Immune and Pro-Inflammatory Response in Neuronal CellsIvan H. W. Ng ; Kitti Wing-Ki Chan ; Min Jie Alvin Tan ; Chin Piaw Gwee ; Kate M. Smith; Sarah J. Jeffress; Wuan-Geok Saw; Crystall M. D. Swarbrick ; Satoru Watanabe ; David A. Jans; Gerhard Gru?ber; Jade K. Forwood; Subhash G. Vasudevan 
32018Zika virus infection modulates the metabolomic profile of microglial cellsDiop F.; Vial T.; Ferraris P.; Wichit S.; Bengue M.; Hamel R.; Talignani L.; Liegeois F.; Pompon J. ; Yssel H.; Marti G.; Missé D.
4Sep-2013Young adult weight trajectories through midlife by body mass categoryMalhotra, R. ; Østbye, T. ; Riley, C.M.; Finkelstein, E.A.
52019The Yin-Yang regulation of reactive oxygen species and microRNAs in cancerBabu, K.R. ; Tay, Y. 
62007Y-chromosome evidence suggests a common paternal heritage of Austro-Asiatic populationsKumar, V ; Reddy, A.N.S; Babu, J.P; Rao, T.N; Langstieh, B.T; Thangaraj, K; Reddy, A.G; Singh, L; Reddy, B.M
72009Y-Box-binding protein-1 is a promising predictive marker of radioresistance and chemoradioresistance in nasopharyngeal cancerTay, W.-L.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Tan, P.-H. ; Kumar, S.D. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Matsumoto, K.; Tsujimoto, M.; Yeo, R.; Ng, T.-P. 
8Oct-2009Y chromosome gr/gr deletions are a risk factor for low semen qualityVisser, L.; Westerveld, G.H.; Korver, C.M.; Van Daalen, S.K.M.; Hovingh, S.E.; Rozen, S. ; Van Der Veen, F.; Repping, S.
9Dec-2012Xenobiotics and loss of cell adhesion drive distinct transcriptional outcomes by aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalingHao, N.; Lee, K.L. ; Furness, S.G.B.; Bosdotter, C.; Poellinger, L. ; Whitelaw, M.L.
102016XAF1 promotes neuroblastoma tumor suppression and is required for KIF1B?-mediated apoptosisChoo, Z ; Koh, R.Y.L; Wallis, K; Koh, T.J.W; Kuick, C.H; Sobrado, V; Kenchappa, R.S; Loh, A.H.P ; Soh, S.Y ; Schlisio, S; Chang, K.T.E ; Chen, Z.X 
112013Wtip- and Gadd45a-interacting protein dendrin is not crucial for the development or maintenance of the glomerular filtration barrierXiao Z.; Rodriguez P.Q.; He L.; Betsholtz C.; Tryggvason K. ; Patrakka J.
121-May-2020Wrestling with role strain in a pandemic: Family, 'Stay-at-home' directive, and the COVID-19 pandemicQuah,Stella R 
132016Workplace health promotion: Assessing the cardiopulmonary risks of the construction workforce in Hong KongTin S.P.P.; Lam W.W.T.; Yoon S. ; Zhang N.; Xia N.; Zhang W.; Ma K.; Fielding R.
152008Wnt signaling in development, disease and translational medicineCoombs, G.S. ; Covey, T.M. ; Virshup, D.M. 
172015Willingness to pay for cataract surgery provided by a senior surgeon in Urban Southern ChinaWang M.; Zuo Y.; Lin X.; Ling Y.; Lin X.; Li M.; Lamoureux E. ; Zheng Y.
1816-Nov-2021Widely heterogeneous humoral and cellular immunity after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection in a homogeneous population of healthy young menNina Le Bert ; WanNi Chia ; Wei Yee Wan; Alvin Teo ; Samuel Chong; Nicole Tan ; Doreen Tan; Adeline Chia ; Iain Beehuat Tan; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Xin Xuan Chua; Mohammad Abdad; Aven Ng; Shawn Vasoo; Julian Ang; Mao Sheng Lee; Louisa Jin; Jinyan Zhang ; Feng Zhu ; Alex Cook ; Tar Choon Aw; Jingxiang Huang; Clarence Tam ; Fong Sin Lee; Hannah Clapham ; Enan Goh; Monica Peou; Shiow Pin Tan; Siew Kim Ong; Antonio Bertoletti ; Li Yang Hsu ; Biauw Chi Ong; Lin-Fa Wang 
19Dec-2012Why are East Asians more susceptible to several infection-associated cancers (carcinomas of the nasopharynx, stomach, liver, adenocarcinoma of the lung, nasal NK/T-cell lymphomas)?Wee, J. ; Nei, W.L.; Yeoh, K.W.; Yeo, R.M.; Loong, S.L. ; Qian, C.-N.
202016Whole-genome sequencing analysis of serially isolated multi-drug and extensively drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Thai patientsFaksri K.; Tan J.H.; Disratthakit A.; Xia E.; Prammananan T.; Suriyaphol P.; Khor C.C. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H.; Chaiprasert A.