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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2006Wavelet frames and shift-invariant subspaces of periodic functionsGoh, S.S. ; Teo, K.M.
2Nov-2006Uncertainty principles in Banach spaces and signal recoverySong Goh, S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
3Jan-2004Uncertainty principles and asymptotic behaviorGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
4Sep-2011Tight periodic wavelet frames and approximation ordersGoh, S.S. ; Han, B.; Shen, Z. 
5May-2006Symmetric and antisymmetric tight wavelet framesGoh, S.S. ; Lim, Z.Y.; Shen, Z. 
6Dec-2013Singular integrals, scale-space and wavelet transformsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
7Apr-2010Pairs of oblique duals in spaces of periodic functionsChristensen, O.; Goh, S.S. 
8Nov-2012Pairs of dual periodic framesChristensen, O.; Goh, S.S. 
97-Jun-2021Light regulates stomatal development by modulating paracrine signaling from inner tissuesWang, Shenqi ; Zhou, Zimin ; Rahiman, Rini ; Lee, Grace Sheen Yee ; Yeo, Yuan Kai; Yang, Xin ; Lau, On Sun 
10Sep-2010Joint estimation of time delay and Doppler shift for band-limited signalsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Shang, F. 
11Jan-2006Inequalities on time-concentrated or frequency-concentrated functionsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
12Jul-2009Hybrid spline framesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L.
13Mar-2014From dual pairs of Gabor frames to dual pairs of wavelet frames and vice versaChristensen, O.; Goh, S.S. 
142015Fourier-like frames on locally compact abelian groupsChristensen, O.; Goh, S.S. 
15Sep-2008Extension principles for tight wavelet frames of periodic functionsGoh, S.S. ; Teo, K.M.
16Mar-2013Estimating maxima of generalized cross ambiguity functions, and uncertainty principlesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.
174-Oct-2000Construction of Biorthogonal Multiwavelets Using the Lifting SchemeGoh, S.S. ; Jiang, Q. ; Xia, T. 
18May-2009Constructing tight frames of multivariate functionsGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
19Jan-2007Causality properties of refinable functions and sequencesGoh, S.S. ; Goodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. 
20May-2010Band-limited refinable functions for wavelets and frameletsChen, W.; Goh, S.S.