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11997Workers' perceptions of automated production work in Singapore's electronics industryNgin, P.M.; Wong, P.-K. 
22008Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performanceDelios, A. ; Xu, D.; Beamish, P.W.
32007Wireless Internet access and potential liabilitiesLeng, T.K. 
42009Who follows whom? Asymmetric competition in cross-border market expansionHsieh, K.-Y. ; Chen, M.-J.
52004Who bears the risk of mistake?Leng, T.K. 
62009Whether and how: Effects of international joint ventures on local innovation in an emerging economyMahmood, I.P. ; Zheng, W.
72009When experience meets national institutional environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. Firms in the Central and Eastern European RegionXia, J.; Boal, K.; Delios, A. 
82006When and how does business group affiliation promote firm innovation? A tale of two emerging economiesChang, S.-J.; Chung, C.-N. ; Mahmood, I.P. 
92006What determines the scope of the firm over time and around the world? An Asia Pacific perspectivePeng, M.W.; Delios, A. 
10Feb-1995Voluntary contributions to public goods and the hegemon theory of international public goodsLim, Chin 
117-Feb-2006Venture capital investment strategy in emerging markets: A resource approachLU QING
12Nov-2010Vehicle ownership and usage chargesMuthukrishnan, S. 
13Oct-1995Variations in public good contributions between communitiesLim, Chin 
141992Variable evaluation costs and the design of fallible hierarchies and polyarchiesKoh, W.T.H. 
151998Value incongruity and strategic choicePant, P.N. ; Lachman, R.
1625-Jul-2004Use of information processing theory to integrate flexibility factors: A contingency theory and empirical evidence from Singapore based firmsCHENG LINGFENG
171999University-industry technological collaboration in Singapore: emerging patterns and industry concernsWong, P.-K. 
182005Types of technology sourcing and innovative capability: An exploratory study of Singapore manufacturing firmsZhao, H.; Tong, X.; Wong, P.K. ; Zhu, J.
192004Two faces: Effects of business groups on innovation in emerging economiesMahmood, I.P. ; Mitchell, W.
20Dec-2004Trust in the shadow of the futureHwang, Peter ; Lauschke, Jens Joerg