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11-Oct-2021Wow, woo, win"- Healthcare students' and facilitators' experiences of interprofessional simulation in three-dimensional virtual world: A qualitative evaluation studyLiaw, Sok Ying ; Choo, Tingwei; Wu, Ling Ting; Lim, Wee Shiong ; Choo, Hyekyung ; Lim, Sok Mui; Ringsted, Charlotte; Wong, Lai Fun; Ooi, Sim Leng ; Lau, Tang Ching 
22020Working with low‐income families through the life course: Challenges to social servicesNg, I. Y. H. ; Neo, Y. W. 
32008Working with Chinese families in adolescent drug treatmentSim, T. ; Wong, D.
4May-2012Wife Abuse in Tamil NaduChokkanathan, S. 
529-Jan-2019Why some children from poor families do well ? An in-depth analysis of positive deviance cases in SingaporeEsther Goh 
62009Who benefits from volunteering? Variations in perceived benefitsMorrow-Howell, N.; Hong, S.-I. ; Tang, F.
711-Aug-2016What does social inclusion mean to Singaporeans? A qualitative study of the concept of social inclusionMarcus Chiu ; Kheng Lim; Kara Chan; Sherrill Evans; Peter Huxley
82006Views of disability in the United States and SingaporeVerbrugge, L.M.; Wagenfeld-Heintz, E.; Mehta, K.K. 
915-Jun-2019Validation of the English and translated Chinese version of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tool for Cancer Caregivers (CNAT-C)Grace Yang ; Grace Su-Yin Pang; Geok Ling Lee ; Patricia Soek Hui Neo ; Yin Yee Wong; Debra Limin Qu; Yin Bun Cheung 
102009Unemployment, financial hardship, and savings in individual development accountsHan, C.-K. 
1122-Mar-2021Understanding the smart city race between Hong Kong and SingaporeRuth Ang-Tan, Siyuan Ang
12Mar-2013Understanding the concept of a good death among bereaved family caregivers of cancer patients in SingaporeLee, G.L. ; Woo, I.M.H. ; Goh, C.
132010Understanding patterns of service utilization among informal caregivers of community older adultsHong, S.-I. 
1430-Oct-2018Understanding a Mechanism between Perceived Discrimination and Obesity among Latinas in the United StatesAmy Ai; Jungup Lee 
151-Sep-2020Trends and sociodemographic disparities in sugary drink consumption among adults in New York City, 2009–2017Jiang, N ; Yi, SS; Russo, R; Bu, DD; Zhang, D; Ferket, B; Zhang, FF; Pagán, JA; Wang, YC; Li, Y
16Sep-2013Trajectories of Volunteering and Self-Esteem in Later Life: Does Wealth Matter?Han, C.-K. ; Hong, S.-I.
177-Nov-2019The worlds of social work writingHannah Jobling; Ian Shaw 
18Dec-2012The relationships of social support, uncertainty, self-efficacy, and commitment to prenatal psychosocial adaptationHui Choi, W.H.; Lee, G.L. ; Chan, C.H.Y.; Cheung, R.Y.H.; Lee, I.L.Y.; Chan, C.L.W.
1913-Oct-2018The Nature and Disposition of a Traditional Network: a Paradoxical CaseIan Shaw 
20Oct-2012The Meaning of Childbearing Among IVF Service Users Assessed via Laddering TechniqueLee, G.L. ; Neimeyer, R.A.; Chan, C.L.W.