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1Dec-2008π-section tunable matching network with patterned ferroelectric thin filmZhang, X.Y. ; Wang, P. ; Tan, C.Y. ; Ong, C.K. 
22013WWW mabsda workshop chairs' welcomeCambria, E. ; Xia, Y.; Howard, N.
32009WLS-based partially decentralized adaptive control for coupled ARMAX multi-agent dynamical systemMa, H. ; Ge, S.S. ; Lum, K.-Y. 
425-Jul-2020Wind Loading on Scaled Down Fractal Tree Models of Major Urban Tree Species in SingaporeChan Woei Leong ; Yong, Eng; Zhengwei, Ge; Chi Wan Calvin, Lim; Like, Gobeawan; Hee Joo, Poh ; Daniel Joseph, Wise; Daniel C., Burcham; Daryl, Lee; Yongdong, Cui ; Boo Cheong, Khoo 
52020Wind load prediction on single tree with integrated approach of L-system fractal model, wind tunnel, and tree aerodynamic simulationPoh, H.J.; Chan, W.L. ; Wise, D.J.; Lim, C.W.; Khoo, B.C. ; Gobeawan, L.; Ge, Z.; Eng, Y.; Peng, J.X.; Raghavan, V.S.G.; Jadhav, S.S. ; Lou, J.; Cui, Y.D. ; Lee, H.P. ; Burcham, D.C.; Lee, D.; Li, K.W.; Lee, I.
62013Wideband, low profile P- and Ku-band shared aperture antenna with high isolation and low cross-polarisationZhou, S.-G. ; Tan, P.-K.; Chio, T.-H.
7Oct-2004Wideband average power handling capability of coupled microstrips on polyimide and polyimide/GaAs substratesYin, W.Y. ; Dong, X.T. 
82013Wideband and low-profile unidirectionnal spiral antenna with Meta-material absorberLouertani, K. ; Huang, R. ; Chio, T.-H. 
9Sep-2004Wide-band impedance characteristics of finite-ground uniform and stepped coplanar waveguidesYin, W.-Y. ; Dong, X. ; Gan, Y.B. 
10May-2005Wide-band characterization of average power handling capabilities of some microstrip interconnects on polyimide and polyimide/GaAs substratesYin, W.-Y. ; Dong, X.T. 
112013Whole genome scanning and association mapping identified a significant association between growth and a SNP in the IFABP-a gene of the Asian seabassXia J.H.; Lin G. ; He X.; Liu P. ; Liu F.; Sun F.; Tu R.; Yue G.H. 
12Nov-2012What is your birthday elliptic curve?Chan, H.H. ; Konstantinou, E.; Kontogeorgis, A.; Tan, C.H. 
1331-May-2005Wavelet-enhanced automated fingerprint identification systemXIA, TAO ; LIU, BAO ; YEW, THAM JO ; SHEN, LIXIN ; LEE, SENG LUAN 
1419-Sep-2006Wavelet-enhanced automated fingerprint identification systemXIA, TAO ; LIU, BAO ; YEW, THAM JO ; SHEN, LIXIN ; LEE, SENG LUAN 
1520-Mar-2010Wavelet frame based scene reconstruction from range dataJi, H. ; Shen, Z. ; Xu, Y. 
16Mar-2012Wavelet frame based blind image inpaintingDong, B.; Ji, H. ; Li, J.; Shen, Z. ; Xu, Y. 
17May-2011Wavelet based restoration of images with missing or damaged pixelsJi, H. ; Shen, Z. ; Xu, Y. 
18Jun-2009Wavelet analysis of sensor signals for tool condition monitoring: A review and some new resultsZhu, K.P. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Hong, G.S. 
192012Waveguide-Fed Cavity Backed Slot Antenna Array with high efficiency in the Ku-bandHuang, G.-L.; Zhou, S.-G. ; Chio, T.-H.
20Dec-2006Wave propagation in a fully nonlinear numerical wave tank: A desingularized methodZhang, X.T. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Lou, J.