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12004Warehouse-retailer network design problemTeo, C.-P. ; Shu, J. 
231-Aug-2021Vulnerability of the worldwide air transportation network to global catastrophes such as COVID-19Zhou, Yaoming; Kundu, Tanmoy ; Qin, Wei; Goh, Mark ; Sheu, Jiuh-Biing
32008Voluntary knowledge sharing in organizationsXu, Y. ; Cai, S. 
42008Viz: A visual analysis suite for explaining local search behaviorHalim, S. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Lau, H.C. 
52003Vehicle routing problem with time windows and a limited number of vehiclesLau, H.C. ; Sim, M.; Teo, K.M.
62007Value-based Adoption of Mobile Internet: An empirical investigationKim, H.-W. ; Chan, H.C. ; Gupta, S. 
71997Using the CARMEN'S framework to model and acquire knowledgeAng, J. ; Tong, X.
8Aug-1996Using the carmen's framework to model and acquire knowledgeAng, James S. K. ; Tong, Xuejun
9Aug-1996Using objects to model the office environmentAng, James S. K. 
1018-Mar-2018Using Interactive Digital Gaming to Facilitate Learning in E-Commerce LogisticsAbdul Rahim, Za'aba; Lindawati ; De Souza, R 
111997User information satisfaction, job satisfaction and computer background: An exploratory studyAng, J. ; Soh, P.H. 
122003Understanding the hidden dissatisfaction of users toward end-user computingShaw, N.; Lee-Partidge, J.-E.; Ang, J.S.K. 
132012Understanding supply chain risk management: An in-depth analysisGupta, S.; Meng, F. ; Goh, M.; de Souza, R.
142008Understanding aesthetics design for e-commerce Web sites: A cognitive-affective frameworkCai, S. ; Xu, Y. ; Yu, J. ; De Souza, R.
1521-Jan-2005Underlying paths and local convergence behaviour of path-following interior point algorithm for SDLCP and SOCPSIM CHEE KHIAN 
1616-Feb-2014Two-stage stochastic linear programs with incomplete information on uncertaintyAng, J. ; Meng, F.; Sun, J. 
172009Two-stage stochastic integer programming model for multiperiod sea cargo mix problem in container shipping industryAng, J.S.K. ; Cao, C.; Parlar, M.; Ye, H.-Q.
181997Two algorithms for finding a minimal ratio Hamiltonian cycle in a networkTung, C.T. ; Kwek, K.H. 
192004Transport logistics planning with service-level constraintsLau, H.C. ; Ng, K.M. ; Wu, X.
202008Trade facilitation in logistics services: Some evidence from a express delivery service providerLing, C.S.; Garg, M. ; Goh, M. ; De Souza, R.