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12008Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performanceDelios, A. ; Xu, D.; Beamish, P.W.
22009When experience meets national institutional environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. Firms in the Central and Eastern European RegionXia, J.; Boal, K.; Delios, A. 
3Jan-2014Variety, Novelty, and Perceptions of scholarship in research on management and organizations: An appeal for ambidextrous scholarshipCorbett, A.; Cornelissen, J.; Delios, A. ; Harley, B.
42010University patenting activities and their link to the quantity and quality of scientific publicationsWong, P.K. ; Singh, A. 
52007Towards an "Entrepreneurial University" Model to Support Knowledge-Based Economic Development: The Case of the National University of SingaporeWong, P.-K. ; Ho, Y.-P. ; Singh, A. 
61996Time-based competition: Literature review and implications for modellingHum, S.-H. ; Sim, H.-H.
72008The timing of international expansion: Information, rivalry and imitation among Japanese firms, 1980-2002Delios, A. ; Gaur, A.S.; Makino, S.
82013The Role of Metaperception on the Effectiveness of Referral Reward ProgramsWirtz, J. ; Orsingher, C.; Chew, P.; Tambyah, S.K. 
92014The role of marketing in today's enterprisesWirtz, J. ; Tuzovic, S.; Kuppelwieser, V.G.
102007The role of arousal congruency in influencing consumers' satisfaction evaluations and in-store behaviorsWirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.S.; Tan, R.L.P.
112005The predictive value of earnings, cash flows and accruals in the period surrounding the Asian financial crisis: Evidence from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and ThailandEng, L.L.; Nabar, S.; Chng, C.K. 
122007The moderating role of familiarity in fairness perceptions of revenue management pricingWirtz, J. ; Kimes, S.E.
132015The mispricing of socially ambiguous grey stocksLam S.-S. ; Zhang W. ; Jacob G.H. 
142000The influence of materialistic inclination on values, life satisfaction and aspirations: An empirical analysisKeng, K.A. ; Jung, K. ; Jiuan, T.S. ; Wirtz, J. 
152001The impact of expected variance in performance on the satisfaction processWirtz, J. ; Mattila, A.S.
162009The evolution of Japanese investment in China: From toys to textiles to business process outsourcingDelios, A. ; Beamish, P.W.; Zhao, X.
172009The emergence of portfolio restructuring in JapanWu, Z.; Delios, A. 
182002The effects of incentives, deal proneness, satisfaction and tie strength on word-of-mouth behaviourWirtz, J. ; Chew, P.
192012The Effect of Perceived Control on Consumer Responses to Service Encounter Pace: A Revenue Management PerspectiveNoone, B.M.; Wirtz, J. ; Kimes, S.E.
202007The effect of meal pace on customer satisfactionNoone, B.M.; Kimes, S.E.; Mattila, A.S.; Wirtz, J.