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12008Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performanceDelios, A. ; Xu, D.; Beamish, P.W.
2Nov-2013When hiring, first test, and then interviewBateson, J.; Wirtz, J. ; Burke, E.; Vaughan, C.
32009When experience meets national institutional environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. Firms in the Central and Eastern European RegionXia, J.; Boal, K.; Delios, A. 
42006What determines the scope of the firm over time and around the world? An Asia Pacific perspectivePeng, M.W.; Delios, A. 
57-Jun-2022Viewpoint: cost-effective health care developments and research opportunities in China, India and SingaporeWirtz, Jochen ; Lin, Chen; Das, Gopal
62011Venture capital funding of Asian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley: A longitudinal analysisWong, P.K. ; Ho, Y.P. ; Singh, A. 
7Jan-2014Variety, Novelty, and Perceptions of scholarship in research on management and organizations: An appeal for ambidextrous scholarshipCorbett, A.; Cornelissen, J.; Delios, A. ; Harley, B.
811-Nov-2016Unlocking value from machines: business models and the industrial internet of thingsMichael Ehret; Jochen Wirtz 
92010University patenting activities and their link to the quantity and quality of scientific publicationsWong, P.K. ; Singh, A. 
10Mar-1999Uncertain performance expectations in satisfaction models for servicesWirtz, Jochen ; Chua, Diana; Tan, Rachel Lu Pheng
112007Towards an "Entrepreneurial University" Model to Support Knowledge-Based Economic Development: The Case of the National University of SingaporeWong, P.-K. ; Ho, Y.-P. ; Singh, A. 
122011Towards a 'global knowledge enterprise': The entrepreneurial university model of the national university of singaporeWong, P.-K. ; Ho, Y.-P. ; Singh, A. 
13Nov-2022Tourists and AI: A political ideology perspectivevan Esch, Patrick; Cui, Yuanyuan Gina; Das, Gopal; Jain, Shailendra Pratap; Wirtz, Jochen 
142003Timing of Entry and the Foreign Subsidiary Performance of Japanese FirmsDelios, A. ; Makino, S.
151996Time-based competition: Literature review and implications for modellingHum, S.-H. ; Sim, H.-H.
16Aug-1999Time-based competition and pricing in a just-in-time environmentLim, Wei Shi ; Hum, Sin-Hoon 
17Dec-1998Third-party warehousing contract with commitments and adjustment optionsChen, Frank Y. ; Hum, Sin Hoon ; Sun, Jie 
182008The timing of international expansion: Information, rivalry and imitation among Japanese firms, 1980-2002Delios, A. ; Gaur, A.S.; Makino, S.
191999The strategic role of unused service capacityNg, I.C.L.; Wirtz, J. ; Lee, K.S. 
205-Aug-2022The service robot revolutionPaluch, S; Wirtz, J ; Kunz, WH