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12022⽓氛变换:新加坡的空调、热物质⽂化与公共住房Chang, Jiat Hwee 
25-Sep-2022未来のための実現可能で持続可能な近代遺産保存:シンガポールのゴールデン・マイル・コンプレックスの事例 (Viable and Sustainable Conservation of Modern Heritage for the Future: The Golden Mile Complex Case in Singapore)Widodo, Johannes 
31-Sep-2018基于条件生成对抗网络的城市设计研究 Urban design process with conditional generative adversarial networksLiu, Yuezhong ; Stouffs, Rudi 
415-May-2021基于敏捷方法的自动化城市规划地理计算 An Agile Approach to Automating Geo-Computational Planning TasksChen, Jielin ; Attavar, Alva Pradeep ; Stouffs, Rudi ; Janssen, Patrick
51-Oct-2021城市环境与人类行为:向历史和本土智慧学习 (Urban Environment and Human Behavior: Learning from History and Local Wisdom)Widodo, Johannes 
618-Dec-2020保留现代主义以拯救地球Chang, Jiat Hwee ; Ho, Weng Hin ; Tan, Kar Lin
72008Zheng He's Visits and the Shaping of Cosmpolitan Cities in Southeast Asia - Melaka case: Facts and FictionWIDODO JOHANNES 
82002Writing a modern Chinese architectural history: Liang Sicheng and Liang QichaoShiqiao, L. 
92018Window view and the brain: Effects of floor level and green cover on the alpha and beta rhythms in a passive exposure eeg experimentOlszewska-Guizzo, A. ; Escoffier, N.; Chan, J. ; Yok, T.P. 
101-Jan-2018Where associative and rule-based approaches meet: A shape grammar plug-in for grasshopperStouffs, R 
112011Wheeling a trojan horse to teach geoinformation methods to landscape architectsPaar, P.; Rekittke, J. 
12Jun-2020What new insights can the combination of the historico-geographical and configurational approaches to urban morphology offer?Zhang, Ye ; Li, Xiaoxi 
13Jun-2012What does 'Vertical Green' mean?Yok, T.P. 
142019Walkability assessment in a rapidly urbanizing city and its relationship with residential estate valueZhang, J. ; Tan, P.Y. ; Zeng, H.; Zhang, Y. 
152020Visualising detailed CityGML and ADE at the building scaleLim J ; Janssen P ; Biljecki, Filip 
162020VISUALISING DETAILED CITYGML and ADE at the BUILDING SCALELim, J. ; Janssen, P. ; Biljecki, F. 
172020Visual quality assessment of urban scenes with the contemplative landscape model: Evidence from a compact city downtown coreYanru, H.; Masoudi, M. ; Chadala, A.; Olszewska-Guizzo, A.
182015Visibility analysis in a point cloud based on the medial axis transformPeters R.; Ledoux H.; Biljecki F. 
192009Virtual heritage: Reality and criticismTan, B.-K. ; Rahaman, H.
206-Apr-2022Virtual 3D City ModelsStouffs, Rudi