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12002Writing a modern Chinese architectural history: Liang Sicheng and Liang QichaoShiqiao, L. 
22011Wheeling a trojan horse to teach geoinformation methods to landscape architectsPaar, P.; Rekittke, J. 
3Jun-2012What does 'Vertical Green' mean?Yok, T.P. 
42015Visibility analysis in a point cloud based on the medial axis transformPeters R.; Ledoux H.; Biljecki F. 
52009Virtual heritage: Reality and criticismTan, B.-K. ; Rahaman, H.
62007Viewsphere: A GIS-based 3D visibility analysis for urban design evaluationYang, P.P.-J. ; Putra, S.Y.; Li, W.
72014Vertical cities Asia : International Design Competition and Symposium. Volume 3, Everyone harvestsEditor, Tomohisa Miyauchi ; Editor, Wai Keen Ng ; Editor, Kok Ming Cheah ; Editor, Im Sik Cho 
82016Vertical cities Asia : International Design Competition and Symposium 2015. Volume 5, Everyone contributesEditor, Tomohisa Miyauchi 
92015Vertical cities Asia : International Design Competition and Symposium 2014. Volume 4, Everyone connectsEditor, Tomohisa Miyauchi ; Editor, Wada, Ryusuke
102015Using data-driven approach to support the energy efficiency building designLiu Y.Z. ; Huang Y.C 
112015Using a data-driven approach to support the design of energy-efficientbuildingsLiu Yuezhong ; Huang Yi Chun; Stouffs Rudi 
122012Urban informality and everyday (night)life: A field study in SingaporeYeo, S.-J.; Hee, L.; Heng, C.K. 
132014Urban ecological research in Singapore and its relevance to the advancement of urban ecology and sustainabilityTan, P.Y. ; Abdul Hamid, A.R.B.
142011Understanding and constructing shared spaces for supporting informal interaction at a distanceNguyen, T.L.T.; Tan, B.-K. 
152011Under the billiard table: Animality, anecdote and the tiger's subversive significance at the Raffles HotelChee, L. 
161-Mar-2016Truth and Tropes in Visual Representations of the TropicsSIMONE CHUNG SHU YENG 
171-Jan-2012Tropical variants of sustainable architecture: A postcolonial perspectiveChang, JH 
182007TransUrban: VaubanSchroepfer, T.; Hee, L. ; Werthmann, C.
192013Transportation mode-based segmentation and classification of movement trajectoriesBiljecki F. ; Ledoux H.; van Oosterom P.
2014-Jun-2018Tradition goes high tech: South and Southeast Asia’s emerging urban farm entrepreneurs.Jessica Ann Diehl ; Sia Ching Sian