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131-Aug-2021Vulnerability of the worldwide air transportation network to global catastrophes such as COVID-19Zhou, Yaoming; Kundu, Tanmoy ; Qin, Wei; Goh, Mark ; Sheu, Jiuh-Biing
22019The rise and fall of taxi club management in New YorkTeo, T.S.H. ; Kimes, S.E. ; Yong, Z.
3Dec-2021The M5 uncertainty competition: Results, findings and conclusionsMakridakis, Spyros; Spiliotis, Evangelos; Assimakopoulos, Vassilios; Chen, Zhi ; Gaba, Anil; Tsetlin, Ilia; Winkler, Robert L
413-May-2020Supply Chain Coordination in the Presence of Uncertain Yield and DemandLei Xie; Junhai Ma; MARK GOH 
52019Strategic rule breaking: Time wasting to win soccer gamesGreve, H.R.; Rudi, N.; Walvekar, A. 
61-Dec-2021Robust optimization for electricity generationYang, H; Morton, DP ; Bandi, C ; Dvijotham, K
71-Jul-2019Portfolio Construction by Mitigating Error Amplification: The Bounded-Noise PortfolioZhao, Long ; Chakrabarti, Deepayan; Muthuraman, Kumar
81-Jul-2022Parameterized approximations for the two-sided assortment optimizationAhmed, A; Sohoni, MG; Bandi, C 
97-Oct-2022Optimizing Offer Sets for Multi-Item Simultaneous Auctions: A Minimax Regret ApproachPatil, Adithya; Sohoni, Milind G; Bandi, Chaitanya 
1023-Aug-2021Optimal Scheduling and Policy Design of Two-Dose Vaccination RolloutBandi, Chaitanya ; Gao, Sarah Yini; Moorthy, Rajeeva ; Tan, Kelvin Bryan; Teo, Chung-Piaw 
111-Sep-2021On the (near) optimality of extended formulations for multi-way cut in social networksShim, S; Bandi, C ; Chopra, S
1221-Dec-2022On Solving a Class of 0-1 Linear Fractional Programs as Continuous Linear Fractional ProgramsAhmed, Asrar; Sohoni, Milind G; Bandi, Chaitanya 
131-Jan-2023Joint Price Optimization Across a¬†Portfolio of¬†Fashion E-Commerce ProductsSarkar, S; Devapujula, S; Ganu, HV; Bandi, C ; Tallamraju, RB; Satya, CV; Doshi, S
1421-Sep-2017Is price most important? Healthcare tourism in Southeast AsiaZeng-Xian Liang; Tak-Kee Hui ; Pei-Zhi Sea
152018Improved Simulated Annealing Based Network Model for E-Recycling Reverse Logistics Decisions under UncertaintyWang, L.; Goh, M. ; Ding, R.; Mishra, V.K. 
161-Aug-2016How Big Data Analytics Impacts Evidence-based HealthcarePang Yan, James 
1731-Dec-2021Global Supply Chains in a Glocal WorldGoh, Puay Guan ; Chou, Mabel C
182018Fuzzy extended VIKOR-based mobile robot selection model for hospital pharmacyZhou, F.; Wang, X.; Goh, M. 
192018Deregulation control by mergers and acquisitions: A game theoretic analysis of the Chinese airline industryIgnatius, J.; Tan, T.S.; Dhamotharan, L.; Goh, M. 
2011-Jun-2020Cross-docking: A systematic literature reviewMavi, R.K.; Goh, M. ; Mavi, N.K.; Jie, F.; Brown, K.; Biermann, S.; Khanfar, A.A.