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1Jan-2012Youth, Politics and Social Media in Southeast Asia: Trends, Events and ImplicationsVadrevu, Shobha; Lim, Sun Sun 
22004Youth, Media and the Asian Family: Contextualising our Understanding, Understanding our ContextLim, Sun Sun 
32013Youth, ICTs, and Civic Engagement in AsiaZhang, W. ; Lallana, E.C.
44-Oct-2017Youth cultures in ChinaWeiyu Zhang 
52008Youth and Online Gambling: Uncovering the propensity for addiction through understanding the motivations and gratifications of online bettingNekmat, Elmie ; Lim, Sun Sun 
62008Youth and New Media: Exploring, Consuming, ProducingLim, Sun Sun 
72007Youth and New Media - Exploring, Consuming, Producing, Information Revolution and Cultural Integration in East AsiaLim, Sun Sun 
82010‘Your phone makes you, you’: Exploring the youth script in teen magazine representations of mobile mediaLim, Sun Sun 
92009Young People and the Digital Divide – An ethnographic study of media-have-less youthsLim, Sun Sun 
102014Women, ‘double work’ and mobile media: The more things change, the more they stay the sameLim, Sun Sun 
112015Why corporate social responsibility? an analysis of drivers of CSR in IndiaDhanesh, Ganga S. 
122010Who makes what sound? Supporting real-time musical improvisations of electroacoustic ensemblesMerritt, T.; Kow, W.; Ng, C.; McGee, K. ; Wyse, L.
1323-Jun-2016Who Avoids Cancer Information? Examining a Psychological Process Leading to Cancer Information AvoidanceJiyoung Chae 
141-Dec-2019White matter microstructural abnormalities and default network degeneration are associated with early memory deficit in Alzheimer’s disease continuumJi, F ; Pasternak, O; Ng, KK; Chong, JSX; Liu, S ; Zhang, L ; Shim, HY ; Loke, YM ; Tan, BY ; Venketasubramanian, N ; Chen, CLH ; Zhou, JH 
152007When available resources become negative resources: The effects of cognitive overload on memory sensitivity and criterion biasFox, J.R.; Lang, A.; Park, B. ; Fox, J.R.
162011What we have here is a failure of companionship: Communication in goal-oriented team-mate gamesMcGee, K. ; Merritt, T.; Ong, C.
17May-2013Websites for stakeholder relations by corporations and non-profits: A time-lag study in SingaporeSriramesh, K.; Rivera-Sánchez, M. ; Soriano, C.
18Jun-2010Walled-In, Reaching Out: Benefits and Challenges of Migrant Workers’ Use of ICTs for Interpersonal CommunicationThomas, Minu; Lim, Sun Sun 
19Jan-2013Voices of the poor from the margins of bengal: Structural inequities and healthDutta, M.J. ; Dutta, U.
20Jan-2013Voices of the poor from the margins of bengal: Structural inequities and healthDutta, M.J. ; Dutta, U.