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12013Youth, ICTs, and Civic Engagement in AsiaZhang, W. ; Lallana, E.C.
24-Oct-2017Youth cultures in ChinaWeiyu Zhang 
321-Apr-2020"You Cannot Offer Such a Suggestion"Foong, Pin Sym ; Lim, Charis Anne; Wong, Joshua ; Lim, Chang Siang ; Perrault, Simon Tangi ; Koh, Gerald CH 
41-Jun-2021Women's Usage Behavior and Perceived Usefulness with Using a Mobile Health Application for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Mixed-Methods StudySurendran, Shilpa ; Lim, Chang Siang ; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat ; Yew, Tong Wei ; Tai, E Shyong ; Foong, Pin Sym 
52021WikiTalkEdit: A Dataset for modeling Editors’ behaviors on WikipediaJaidka, Kokil ; Ceolin, Andrea; Singh, Iknoor; Chhaya, Niyati; Ungar, Lyle
621-Oct-2021Why digital poverty deserves greater attentionNg, Irene ; Lim, Sun Sun ; Pang, Natalie 
72015Why corporate social responsibility? an analysis of drivers of CSR in IndiaDhanesh, Ganga S. 
823-Jun-2016Who Avoids Cancer Information? Examining a Psychological Process Leading to Cancer Information AvoidanceJiyoung Chae 
92007When available resources become negative resources: The effects of cognitive overload on memory sensitivity and criterion biasFox, J.R.; Lang, A.; Park, B. ; Fox, J.R.
105-Jan-2020What about WhatsApp? A systematic review of WhatsApp and its role in civic and political engagementPang, Natalie ; Woo, Yue Ting 
1125-Oct-2018WeChatting for Health: An Examination of the Relationship between Motivations and Active EngagementLianshan Zhang; Eun Hwa Jung 
12May-2013Websites for stakeholder relations by corporations and non-profits: A time-lag study in SingaporeSriramesh, K.; Rivera-Sánchez, M. ; Soriano, C.
1323-Jun-2021Was the 2019 Indian election won by digital media?Taberez Neyazi; Ralph Schroeder
141-Dec-2021'Voicing the Real in Extreme Metal'Overell, Rosemary Therese 
15Jan-2013Voices of the poor from the margins of bengal: Structural inequities and healthDutta, M.J. ; Dutta, U.
16Feb-2013Voices of Hunger: Addressing Health Disparities Through the Culture-Centered ApproachDutta, M.J. ; Anaele, A.; Jones, C.
1721-Oct-2019Voices of Farmer-Widows Amid the Agrarian Crisis in IndiaAshwini Falnikar; Mohan Dutta 
1828-Apr-2016Violence in Gaza: An Academic-Activist Agenda for Health CommunicationMohan Jyoti Dutta 
1931-Jul-2020Validity in interpretive methods: frameworks and innovationsDutta, Mohan J ; Kaur, Satveer ; Elers, Phoebe
20Oct-2011Understanding Truth in Health CommunicationLee, S.T.