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1Jan-2011ZVAD-induced necroptosis in L929 cells depends on autocrine production of TNFα mediated by the PKC-MAPKs-AP-1 pathwayWu, Y.-T.; Tan, H.-L.; Huang, Q. ; Sun, X.-J.; Zhu, X.; Shen, H.-M. 
22014ZO-1 and ZO-2 are required for extra-embryonic endoderm integrity, primitive ectoderm survival and normal cavitation in embryoid bodies derived from mouse embryonic stem cellsPhua D.C.Y.; Xu J.; Ali S.M.; Boey A.; Gounko N.V.; Hunziker W. 
315-Oct-2012Zinc supplementation prevents cardiomyocyte apoptosis and congenital heart defects in embryos of diabetic miceKumar, Srinivasan Dinesh ; Vijaya, Murugaiyan ; Samy, Ramar Perumal ; Dheen, S Thameem ; Ren, Minqin ; Watt, Frank ; Kang, Y James; Bay, Boon-Huat ; Tay, Samuel Sam Wah 
425-Jun-2019Zika virus alters DNA methylation status of genes involved in Hippo signaling pathway in human neural progenitor cells.Kandilya, Deepika; Maskomani, Silambarasan ; Shyamasundar, Sukanya; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; Shiao Yng, Chan ; Lee, Regina Ching Hua ; Hande, Manoor Prakash ; Mallilankaraman, Karthik ; Chu, Justin Jang Hann ; Dheen, S Thameem 
52014Zfp322a Regulates Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency and Enhances Reprogramming EfficiencyMa H.; Ng H.M.; Teh X.; Li H.; Lee Y.H.; Chong Y.M.; Loh Y.H. ; Collins J.J.; Feng B.; Yang H.; Wu Q. 
62014Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) modulates oncogenic features and radiation sensitivity in endometrial cancerTsujiura M.; Mazack V.; Sudol M. ; Kaspar H.G.; Nash J.; Carey D.J.; Gogoi R.
724-Jan-2020YAP-dependent necrosis occurs in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and regulates mouse model pathologyTanaka, H.; Homma, H.; Fujita, K.; Kondo, K.; Yamada, S.; Jin, X.; Waragai, M.; Ohtomo, G.; Iwata, A.; Tagawa, K.; Atsuta, N.; Katsuno, M.; Tomita, N.; Furukawa, K.; Saito, Y.; Saito, T.; Ichise, A.; Shibata, S.; Arai, H.; Saido, T.; Sudol, M. ; Muramatsu, S.-I.; Okano, H.; Mufson, E.J.; Sobue, G.; Murayama, S.; Okazawa, H.
82016XAF1 promotes neuroblastoma tumor suppression and is required for KIF1B?-mediated apoptosisChoo, Z ; Koh, R.Y.L; Wallis, K; Koh, T.J.W; Kuick, C.H; Sobrado, V; Kenchappa, R.S; Loh, A.H.P ; Soh, S.Y ; Schlisio, S; Chang, K.T.E ; Chen, Z.X 
92015WW domains of the yes-kinase-associated-protein (YAP) transcriptional regulator behave as independent units with different binding preferences for PPxY motif-containing ligandsIglesias-Bexiga M.; Castillo F.; Cobos E.S.; Oka T.; Sudol M. ; Luque I.
109-Oct-2019Workplace Heat: An increasing threat to occupational health and productivityKjellstrom T.; Lemke B.; Lee J. 
112018Wnt/β-catenin-mediated signaling re-activates proliferation of matured cardiomyocytesFan, Y.; Ho, B.X.; Pang, J.K.S.; Pek, N.M.Q.; Hor, J.H.; Ng, S.-Y. ; Soh, B.-S. 
122020Wireless battery-free body sensor networks using near-field-enabled clothingLin R.; Kim H.-J.; Achavananthadith S.; Kurt S.A.; Tan S.C.C.; Yao H.; Tee B.C.K.; Lee J.K.W. ; Ho J.S.
132015Wild type human TDP-43 potentiates ALS-linked mutant TDP-43 driven progressive motor and cortical neuron degeneration with pathological features of ALSMitchell, J.C; Constable, R; So, E; Vance, C; Scotter, E; Glover, L; Hortobagyi, T; Arnold, E.S; Ling, S.-C ; McAlonis, M; Da Cruz, S; Polymenidou, M; Tessarolo, L; Cleveland, D.W; Shaw, C.E
142012Whole-genome reconstruction and mutational signatures in gastric cancerNagarajan N. ; Bertrand D.; Hillmer A.M.; Zang Z.J.; Yao F.; Jacques P.; Teo A.S.; Cutcutache I. ; Zhang Z.; Lee W.H.; Sia Y.Y.; Gao S.; Ariyaratne P.N.; Ho A.; Woo X.Y.; Veeravali L.; Ong C.K.; Deng N.; Desai K.V.; Khor C.C.; Hibberd M.L.; Shahab A.; Rao J.; Wu M.; Teh M. ; Zhu F. ; Chin S.Y.; Pang B. ; So J.B. ; Bourque G.; Soong R.; Sung W.-K. ; Tean Teh B.; Rozen S. ; Ruan X.; Yeoh K.G. ; Tan P.B. ; Ruan Y.
151-Sep-2021"Where-There-Is-No-Psychiatrist Integrated Personal Therapy" among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Randomized Pilot StudyShorey, Shefaly ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Tam, Wilson ; Chan, Valerie; Goh, Yong Shian ; Lim, Hong Meng ; Lim, Lina Hsiu Kim ; Tian, Cheong Sing ; Mahendran, Rathi 
162008Water and ion channels: Crucial in the initiation and progression of apoptosis in central nervous system?Chen, M.J.; Sepramaniam, S.; Armugam, A. ; Choy, M.S. ; Jeyaseelan, K. ; Cheung, N.S. ; Manikandan, J. ; Melendez, A.J.
172019von Hippel-Lindau Protein Maintains Metabolic Balance to Regulate the Survival of Naive B LymphocytesXu, S. ; Huo, J.; Huang, Y.; Aw, M.; Chen, S.; Mak, S.; Yip, L.Y.; Ho, Y.S.; Ng, S.W.; Tan, A.H.-M.; Lee, A.; Ou, X.; Lam, K.-P. 
182-Dec-2015Voluntary Wheel Running in MiceGoh, J ; Ladiges, W
192009Vitreous cryopreservation of nanofibrous tissue-engineered constructs generated using mesenchymal stromal cellsWen, F. ; Magalhaes, R.; Gouk, S.S. ; Gajadhar, B. ; Lee, K.H. ; Kuleshova, L.L. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
202007Vitreous cryopreservation of cell-biomaterial constructs involving encapsulated hepatocytesWu, Y. ; Yu, H. ; Chang, S. ; Magalhaes, R.; Kuleshova, L.L.