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114-Jul-2022What is green finance and why is it important?Sumit, Agarwal; Zhang, Weina 
21-Apr-2019Variance risk in aggregate stock returns and time-varying return predictabilityPYUN SUNG JUNE 
31-Jan-2022Using forensic analytics and machine learning to detect bribe payments in regime-switching environments: Evidence from the India demonetizationCharoenwong, Ben ; Reddy, Pooja
422-Jan-2022Unemployment Insurance as a Subsidy to Risky FirmsVan Doornik, Bernardus; DIMAS MATEUS FAZIO ; Schoenherr, David; Skrastins, Janis
61999The weekday effect on the Shanghai stock exchangeWong, K.A. ; Chen, R. ; Shang, X.
7Apr-2013The value of marriage to family firmsBunkanwanicha, P.; Fan, J.P.H.; Wiwattanakantang, Y. 
82021The Singaporean Meritocracy: Theory, Practice and Policy ImplicationsYeung, Yin Bernard ; Chua, Vincent ; Morck, Randall
92010The role of institutional investors in initial public offeringsChemmanur, T.J.; Hu, G.; Huang, J. 
102015The right speed and its valuePacheco-de-Almeida, Gonçalo; Hawk, Ashton; Yeung, Yin Bernard 
112013The Relationships between Real Estate Price and Expected Financial Asset Risk and Return: Theory and Empirical EvidenceFan, G.-Z.; Huszár, Z.R. ; Zhang, W.
122013The Norm Theory of Capital Structure: International EvidenceLam, S..-S. ; Zhang, W. ; Lee, R.R.C.
132015The mispricing of socially ambiguous grey stocksLam S.-S. ; Zhang W. ; Jacob G.H. 
142011The impact of international institutional investors on local equity prices: Reversal of the size premiumJiang, H.; Yamada, T. 
15Mar-2004The impact of Asian Financial Crisis on Asian insurers' performanceChen, Renbao ; Wong, Kie Ann ; Yu, Hui Ping
16Jul-2011The Governance of University Endowments: Insights from a TIAA-CREF SurveyBrown, Jeffrey R; Dimmock, Stephen Geoffrey ; Kang, Jun-Koo; Richardson, David; Weisbenner, Scott
172010The good news in short interestBoehmer, E.; Huszar, Z.R. ; Jordan, B.D.
181-Oct-2018The Geography of Financial MisconductParsons, Christopher A; Sulaeman, Johan ; Titman, Sheridan
195-Sep-2022The Endowment Model and Modern Portfolio TheoryDimmock, Stephen Geoffrey ; Wang, Neng; Yang, Jinqiang
20Nov-2013The efficacy of regulatory intervention: Evidence from the distribution of informed option tradingAnderson, R.C.; Reeb, D.M. ; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, W.