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12005Zinc casting and recyclingTan, R.B.H. ; Khoo, H.H. 
228-Dec-2001Zero-inflated poisson model in statistical process controlXie M., He B. 
32019You are a good leader if you are a good mentor: The why and howZhao, Xiuxi; Foo, Maw Der ; Wang, Pengji; Lim, Cuifang Angeline 
422-Nov-2018Women in enterprises: Unlocking the careers of women@workChen, Jia Qing Don; Ou, Amy; Foo, Maw Der ; Lim, Cuifang Angeline ; Guo, Yang Cathy
58-Apr-2020WiFi-Based Indoor Robot Positioning Using Deep Fuzzy ForestsZHANG LE ; Chen Zhenghua; Cui Wei; Li Bing; Chen Cen; CAO ZHIGUANG ; Gao Kaizhou
6Apr-2013When birds of a feather don't flock together: Different scientists and the roles they play in biotech R&D alliancesSubramanian, A.M. ; Lim, K.; Soh, P.-H.
7Jan-2010Weighting and aggregation in composite indicator construction: A multiplicative optimization approachZhou, P.; Ang, B.W. ; Zhou, D.Q.
8May-2011Weibull distributionsLai, C.D.; Murthy, D.N.P.; Xie, M. 
92019Waveband selection with equivalent prediction performance for FTIR/ATR spectroscopic analysis of COD in sugar refinery waste waterXie, J.; Sun, D.; Cai, J. ; Cai, F.
10Mar-2008Warranty cost analysis for nonrepairable services productsWu, S.; Xie, M. 
1128-Nov-2004Warehouse space capacity and delivery time window considerations in dynamic lot-sizing for a simple supply chainJaruphongsa, W. ; Çetinkaya, S.; Lee, C.-Y.
1215-Jun-2014Vehicle routing problem with a heterogeneous fleet and time windowsJiang, J.; Ng, K.M. ; Poh, K.L. ; Teo, K.M. 
132010Vehicle dispatching algorithms for container transshipment hubsLee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. ; Tan, K.C. ; Wang, Y.
14Mar-2003Vehicle capacity planning system: A case study on vehicle routing problem with time windowsLee, L.H. ; Tan, K.C. ; Ou, K.; Chew, Y.H.
1515-Dec-2013Valuing flexibilities in the design of urban water management systemsDeng, Yinghan ; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Babovic, Vladan M. ; Santhanakrishnan, Deepak ; Schmitter, Petra; Meshgi, Ali
162013Using system dynamics for sustainable water resources management in SingaporeXi, X.; Poh, K.L. 
178-Jan-2020Using Reinforcement Learning to Minimize the Probability of Delay Occurrence in TransportationCAO ZHIGUANG ; Guo Hongliang; Song Wen; Gao Kaizhou; Chen Zhenghua; Zhang Le; Zhang Xuexi
182020Using deep learning to forecast maritime vessel flowsZhou, X.; Liu, Z.; Wang, F.; Xie, Y. ; Zhang, X.
19Jul-2006Use of simulation and modelling to develop a sustainable production systemTaplin, D.M.R.; Spedding, T.A.; Khoo, H.H. 
202011Understanding Port Choice Behavior-A Network PerspectiveTang, L.C. ; Low, J.M.W. ; Lam, S.W.