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1Sep-2019Towards energy security in ASEAN: Impact of regional trade, renewables and energy efficiencyLIU YANG ; ZHONG SHENG ; DINA AZHGALIYEVA 
22015Towards a smart energy network: The roles of fuel/electrolysis cells and technological perspectivesZhang X; Chan S.H; Ho H.K ; Tan S.-C; Li M; Li G; Li J; Feng Z.
3Sep-2013The solar power policies and markets of Asia and EuropeSusarla, S. ; Friedrich, E.
41-Apr-2018The role of green fintech for Singapore: Risks and benefitsJaqueline Tao; DINA AZHGALIYEVA 
5Nov-2010The role of coal in the development of the Baltic and South China Sea regionsThomson, E. ; Booluck, K. 
62017The role of alliances in leveraging national local content policies for firm competitivenessMaksim Belitski; Yelena Kalyuzhnova; DINA AZHGALIYEVA 
72007The New Electricity Market of Singapore: Regulatory framework, market power and competitionChang, Y. 
8Aug-2013The Influence of Green Building Certification Schemes on Real Estate Investor Behaviour: Evidence from SingaporeHeinzle, S.L.; Boey Ying Yip, A. ; Low Yu Xing, M. 
92015The evolving policy regime for pumped storage hydroelectricity in China: A key support for low-carbon energyZhang, Sufang; Andrews-Speed, Philip ; Perera, Pradeep
10Apr-2014The erratic path of the low-carbon transition in China: Evolution of solar PV policyZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Ji, M.
1118-Dec-2016The Effect of Oil Revenue Funds on Social WelfareDINA AZHGALIYEVA 
121-Jul-2014The Effect of Fiscal Policy on Oil Revenue Fund: the Case of KazakhstanDINA AZHGALIYEVA 
132013The development trajectories of wind power and solar PV power in China: A comparison and policy recommendationsZhang, S.; Zhao, X.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; He, Y.
14Nov-2009The development of biofuels in AsiaZhou, A.; Thomson, E. 
152011The challenge of energy security in the 21st century: Trends of significancePeimani, H. 
162008Strategic petroleum reserves in China and IndiaThomson, E. 
172009Southeast Asia in a new era: Ten countries, one region in ASEANSeverino, R.C.; Thomson, E. ; Hong, M.
181-Nov-2006Slacks-based efficiency measures for modeling environmental performanceZhou, P. ; Ang, B.W. ; Poh, K.L. 
192015Shaping China's energy security: The impact of domestic reformsYao, Lixia ; Chang, Youngho
202009Self-equalization of cell voltages to prolong the life of VRLA batteries in standby applicationsHurley, W.G.; Wong, Y.S. ; W├Âlfle, W.H.