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11-Mar-2020Why don’t analysts use their earnings forecasts in generating stock recommendationsKe Bin ; Yu, Yong
22011Why do CFOs become involved in material accounting manipulations?Feng, M.; Ge, W.; Luo, S. ; Shevlin, T.
310-Oct-2019Waterfall mechanism and three-stage implementation model for interconnected dangerous goods warehouse operationsFangwei Zhang; Guan Ke Liew; Ziyu Zhang; Zhihao Lin; Jing Sun; Jiaru Li; Xufeng Tang
42003Voluntary trading suspensions in SingaporeTan, R.S.K. ; Yeo, W.Y. 
52004Volatility models of currency futures in developed and emerging marketsSequeira, J.M. ; Chiat, P.C.; McAleer, M.
61998Utilizing third-party inspections for preventing major chemical accidentsEr, J. ; Kunreuther, H.C.; Rosenthal, I.
71990Underpricing and the new issue process in SingaporeSaunders, A.; Lim, J. 
82005Trade credit terms: Asymmetric information and price discrimination evidence from three continentsPike, R.; Cheng, N.S. ; Cravens, K.; Lamminmaki, D.
92009The value of combining the information content of analyst recommendations and target pricesHuang, J.; Mujtaba Mian, G.; Sankaraguruswamy, S. 
101992The signalling process in initial public offeringsKoh, F. ; Lim, J. ; Chin, N.
11Aug-2003The role of discretionary accruals and classification decisions in the management of earningsLoh, Alfred Lye Chye ; Sequeira, J.M. ; Wilkins, T. ; Tan T H
12Nov-2013The relationship between the frequency of news release and the information asymmetry: The role of uninformed tradingSankaraguruswamy, S. ; Shen, J.; Yamada, T.
132002The relationship between managerial ownership and firm performance in high R&D firmsCui, H.; Mak, Y.T. 
142007The relation between R&D intensity and future market returns: Does expensing versus capitalization matter?Chan, H.W.H.; Faff, R.W.; Gharghori, P.; Ho, Y.K. 
152005The predictive value of earnings, cash flows and accruals in the period surrounding the Asian financial crisis: Evidence from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and ThailandEng, L.L.; Nabar, S.; Chng, C.K. 
162002The political economy of volatility dynamics in the Hong Kong Stock MarketMun Fong, W.A.I.; Seng Koh, K.E.E. 
172009The non-relevance of the elusive holy grail of asset pricing tests: The "true" market portfolio does not alter CAPM validity conclusionsLow, C. ; Nayak, S.
181997The information content of firms switching from section 2 to section 1 of the Tokyo stock exchangeLamba, A.S.; Ariff, M. 
191995The impact of the review process in hypothesis generation tasksIsmail, Z. ; Trotman, K.T.
201997The impact of accounting earnings disclosures on stock prices in SingaporeAriff, M. ; Loh, A.L.C. ; Chew, P.M.K.