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12009Wnt signaling controls the fate of mesenchymal stem cellsLing, L.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
22005Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery for spinal conditionsLiu G.K.P. ; Wong H.K. 
3Sep-2007Vesico-Hip Fistula from Bladder Puncture with Subsequent Infected Total Hip ArthroplastyVishwanath, J.; Ng, Y.P.; Teo, Y.S.; De, S.D. 
41981Vascular pedicle graft of the ipsilateral fibula for non-union of the tibia with a large defect. An experimental and clinical studyChacha, P.B.; Ahmed, M.; Daruwalla, J.S. 
51-Dec-2022Variation in community and ambulance care processes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review and meta-analysisMasuda, Y; Teoh, SE; Yeo, JW; Tan, DJH; Jimian, DL ; Lim, SL ; Ong, MEH ; Blewer, AL ; Ho, AFW 
6Dec-2004Variability of somatosensory evoked potential monitoring during scoliosis surgeryChen, Z.-Y.; Wong, H.-K. ; Chan, Y.-H.
72009Valgus ankle deformity after vascularized fibular reconstruction for oncologic diseaseNathan, S.S. ; Athanasian, E.; Boland, P.J.; Healey, J.H.
82019Use of polyphenol tannic acid to functionalize titanium with strontium for enhancement of osteoblast differentiation and reduction of osteoclast activitySteffi, C. ; Shi, Z. ; Kong, C.H.; Chong, S.W. ; Wang, D. ; Wang, W.
9Jan-2014Use of intraoperative cell-salvage for autologous blood transfusions in metastatic spine tumour surgery: A systematic reviewKumar, N. ; Chen, Y.; Zaw, A.S.; Nayak, D.; Ahmed, Q.; Soong, R.; Wong, H.K. 
102001Use of an arterialized venous flap for resurfacing a circumferential soft tissue defect of a digitChia, J. ; Lim, A. ; Peng, Y.-P. 
112008Urinary diversion after cystectomy: An Indian perspectiveJain D.; Raghunath S.K.; Khanna S.; Kumar P. ; Rawal S.
121-Dec-2017Upper Extremity Innervation Patterns and Clinical Implications for Nerve and Tendon TransferLee, EY ; Sebastin, SJ ; Cheah, A ; Kumar, VP ; Lim, AYT 
131-Dec-2019Upper Extremity Axon Counts and Clinical Implications for Motor Nerve TransferCheah, A ; Lee, EY; Lim, AYT 
141-Jun-2016Tumour-initiating cell-specific miR-1246 and miR-1290 expression converge to promote non-small cell lung cancer progressionZhang, Wen Cai; Chin, Tan Min ; Yang, Henry; Nga, Min En ; Lunny, Declan Patrick; Lim, Edwin Kok Hao; Sun, Li Li; Pang, Yin Huei ; Leow, Yi Ning; Malusay, Shanneen Rossellini Y; Lim, Priscilla Xin Hui; Lee, Jeravan Zili; Tan, Benedict Jian Wei; Ng, Shyh-Chang ; Lim, Elaine Hsuen ; Lim, Wan Teck ; Tan, Daniel Shao Weng ; Tan, Eng Huat ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Soo, Ross Andrew ; Tam, Wai Leong ; Lim, Bing
151998Treatment of growth arrest by transfer of cultured chondrocytes into physeal defectsLee, E.H. ; Chen, F. ; Chan, J.; Bose, K. 
161991Treatment of acute soft tissue trauma with a topical non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drug (biphenylacetic acid 3% gel)Lee, E.H. ; Lee, P.Y.C. ; Ngai, A.T.K.; Chiu, E.H.K.
171991Treatment of acute soft tissue trauma with a topical non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drug (biphenylacetic acid 3% gel)Lee, E.H. ; Lee, P.Y.C. ; Ngai, A.T.K.; Chiu, E.H.K.
181-Oct-2006Treatment algorithm for locally recurrent osteosarcoma based on local disease-free interval and the presence of lung metastasisNathan, S.S. ; Gorlick, R.; Bukata, S.; Chou, A.; Morris, C.D.; Boland, P.J.; Huvos, A.G.; Meyers, P.A.; Healey, J.H.
1930-Oct-1998Transsynaptic changes of neurons and associated microglial reaction in the spinal cord of rats following middle cerebral artery occlusionWu, Y.-P. ; Ling, E.A. 
201-Mar-2003Transformation of adult mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the fatty tissue into cardiomyocytesRangappa, S.; Fen, C. ; Lee, E.H. ; Bongso, A. ; Wei, E.S.K.