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12006X-ray diffraction analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate and Portland cementIslam, I. ; Chng, H.K. ; Yap, A.U.J. 
21-Jun-2019World Workshop on Oral Medicine VII: Relative frequency of oral mucosal lesions in children, a scoping reviewHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Dean, David R; Hull, Katrusha; Hu, Shi Jia; SIM YU FAN ; Nadeau, Christine; Goncalves, Sandra; Lodi, Giovanni; Hodgson, Tim A
31-Aug-2022Willingness to Pay for Preventive Dental Care Amongst Older AdultsMittal, R ; Loke, WM ; Seng, DOL ; Na, TM ; Yan, GLK ; Allen, PF 
423-Nov-2021When e-Learning takes centre stage amid COVID-19: Dental educators' perspectives and their future impacts.Goh, Charlene Enhui ; Lim, Li Zhen ; Müller, Andre Matthias ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Gao, Xiaoli 
52020'We do not seem to engage with dentists': A qualitative study of primary healthcare staff and patients in the North East of England on the role of pharmacists in oral healthcareSturrock, A.; Preshaw, P.M. ; Hayes, C.; Wilkes, S.
62005"Waste" follicular aspirate from fertility treatment - A potential source of human germline stem cells?Boon, C.H. ; Cao, T. ; Bested, S.M.; Guo, Q.T.; Soon, C.N.
7Jul-2005Utilizing stem cells for myocardial repair - To differentiate or not to differentiate prior to transplantation?Heng, B.C. ; Cao, T. ; Haider, H.K. ; Rufaihah, A.J. ; Sim, E.K.-W.
82005Utilising human embryonic stem cells as 'catalysts' for biological repair and regeneration. Challenges and some possible strategiesHeng, B.C. ; Liu, H. ; Cao, T. 
913-Jun-2021Utilising Computer Simulation, 3 D Printed Teeth and Surgical Stent to Improve Premolar Autotransplantation Success in a Child with HypodontiaTan, Bing Liang; Tong, Huei Jinn ; Wong, Raymond ; Weixun, Wilson Lu ; Singh, Duggal Monty 
101-Jan-2021Use of an improvised clamp to manage bleeding tongue injuriesChen, MWJ; Yong, CW ; Lum, JL 
112020Uptake of best practice recommendations in the management of patients with diabetes and periodontitis: A cross-sectional survey of healthcare professionals in primary careBissett, S.M.; Rapley, T.; Preshaw, P.M. ; Presseau, J.
121-May-2020Unusual metastatic presentations of a primary right parapharyngeal acinic cell adenocarcinomaYong, CW; Lum, JL ; Makmur, A; Seet, JE ; Lim, AAT 
131-Jul-2018Unraveling the mechanical strength of biomaterials used as a bone scaffold in oral and maxillofacial defectsPrasadh, S; Wong, RCW 
151-Oct-2018Understanding patients' and dentists' perspectives in dental trauma management: A mixed-methods studyOde, Wataru ; Lopez, Violeta ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Schou, Lone ; Yu, Victoria Soo Hoon 
162005Transplanted human embryonic stem cells as biological 'catalysts' for tissue repair and regenerationHeng, B.C. ; Liu, H. ; Cao, T. 
172019Transit amplifying cells coordinate mouse incisor mesenchymal stem cell activationWalker, J.V.; Zhuang, H.; Singer, D.; Illsley, C.S.; Kok, W.L.; Sivaraj, K.K.; Gao, Y.; Bolton, C.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, M.; Grayson, P.R.C.; Wang, S. ; Karbanová, J.; Lee, T.; Ardu, S.; Lai, Q.; Liu, J.; Kassem, M.; Chen, S.; Yang, K.; Bai, Y.; Tredwin, C.; Zambon, A.C.; Corbeil, D.; Adams, R.; Abdallah, B.M.; Hu, B.
182015Towards unraveling the human tooth transcriptome: The dentomeHu S. ; Parker J.; Wright J.T.
192004Tooth Segmentation of Dental Study Models Using Range ImagesKondo, T.; Ong, S.H.; Foong, K.W.C. 
202011Tooth loss in compliant and non-compliant periodontally treated patients: 7 years after active periodontal therapyNg, M.C.-H.; Ong, M.M.-A.; Lim, L.P. ; Koh, C.G.; Chan, Y.H.