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12018赋予非技术策展人员创建数字展览能力:以新加坡国立大学图书馆的数字学术内容创建工具为例 = Empowering Non-Technical Curators in Creating Digital Exhibits: the Case of the Digital Scholarship Portal Tool at the National University of Singapore Libraries沈俊平; Sim Chuin Peng 
5Jul-2013晚清石印舉業用書的生產與流通: 以1880–1905年的上海民營石印書局為中心的考察沈俊平 
82001新加坡华文敎育原始文献叙录初编, 1819-1959LEE AH KAW @ LEE CHING SENG 
92020数字学术服务与项目:新加坡国立大学图书馆的经验 = Digital Scholarship Services and Projects: NUS Libraries' Experiences沈俊平; Sim Chuin Peng 
11Jun-2013Using FourSquare. Check-ins are not just for books!Tay, Aaron Chee Hsien ; Chew, Shu Wen ; Glass, Georgiana 
1214-Feb-2018Using Dashboard and Automated Scripts to Improve End-to-End Processes, From Ordering to CataloguingNg, Chee Yong ; Cheng, Eng Aun 
1324-Apr-2018To get cited or get tweeted: a study of psychological academic articlesYE YINGXIN ; Jin-Cheon Na
142009The scientific crucible: science education in NUS since 1929HEW YIK SUAN NEE WONG; Jonathan Pradubsook; TIM YAP FUAN
152020The impact of death and dying on the personhood of medical students: a systematic scoping reviewHo, C.Y.; Kow, C.S.; Chia, C.H.J.; Low, J.Y.; Lai, Y.H.M.; Lauw, S.-K.; How, A.E.H.; Tan, L.H.E.; Ngiam, X.L.L.; Chan, N.P.X.; Kuek, T.Y.J.; Kamal, N.H.A.; Chia, J.L.; Abdurrahman, A.B.H.M.; Chiam, M.; Ong, Y.T.; Chin, A.M.C. ; Toh, Y.P. ; Mason, S.; Krishna, L.K.R. 
162020The impact of caring for dying patients in intensive care units on a physician’s personhood: a systematic scoping reviewKuek, J.T.Y.; Ngiam, L.X.L.; Kamal, N.H.A.; Chia, J.L.; Chan, N.P.X.; Abdurrahman, A.B.H.M.; Ho, C.Y.; Tan, L.H.E.; Goh, J.L.; Khoo, M.S.Q.; Ong, Y.T.; Chiam, M.; Chin, A.M.C. ; Mason, S.; Krishna, L.K.R. 
1714-May-2018The Administrative Boundary Maps of China: 1949-2017University of Michigan China Data Center
184-May-2020Temperature, precipitation and sunshine across China, 1912-51: A new daily instrumental datasetPng, Ivan PL ; Chen, Yehning; Chu, Junhong ; Feng, Yikang ; Lin, Elaine Kuan-Hui; Tseng, Wan-ling
192018Teaching of Legal Research at NUS Law SchoolCarolyn Wee ; Clement Lin ; Lee Su-Lin 
201991Serials Fiscal Control Using a Flat-File Database Management System on a MicrocomputerKhoo, Christopher; Ong, Hong Kiat ; Yap, Sylvia