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11997zLayer: Simulating depth with extended parallax scrollingHii, Desmond 
21-Feb-2013XenoRae, P. 
313-Jun-2019Wu-Min biandiao de jianjing yanbian (Graduate change in Wu-Min tone sandhi)Bao Zhiming 
41996Written discourse segmentation: the function of unstressed pronouns in Mandarin ChineseLee, Cher Leng ; Giora, Rachel 
52009Writing Singapore: An Historical Anthology of Singapore LiteraturePoon Mui Cheng, Angelia; Shirley Geok-lin Lim ; Philip Holden 
6Jan-2014Writing back: Ethics and aesthetics in Joss and GoldSankaran C 
72009Writing Back and After in Githa Hariharan's When Dreams TravelSANKARAN, CHITRA 
81990Writing and ThinkingDas, B.K. 
9Sep-2011Working at cross-purposes: Multiple producers and textimage relationsMarissa, K.L.E. ; O'Halloran, K.L. ; Judd, K.
101995Wordhood and lexicality: Noun incorporation in HindiMohanan, T. 
112005Word order in New Guinea: Dispelling a mythDonohue, M. 
122021Women, Subalterns, and Ecologies in South and Southeast Asian Women’s Fiction by Chitra SankaranAdeline Johns-Putra
13Sep-2012Women, rivers, and serpents: Reifying the primordial link in Gita Mehta’s A River SutraSankaran, Chitra 
142019Women, Animality and Ecofeminist Intersections in Beth Yahp's The Crocodile FurySankaran, Chitra 
151998Why You Talk Like That?: The Pragmatics of a Why Construction in Singapore EnglishAlsagoff, L. ; Bao, Z. ; Wee, L. 
162008Whither Postcolonial Fiction? Ethics and Aesthetics in Indian Fiction in EnglishSANKARAN CHITRA 
171987What Is an 'Ideal' Pedagogical Grammar?Nadkarni, M.V. 
181-Nov-2021What Happens in the Spaces in BetweenMurphy, M 
19Jun-2004“We Women aren’t Free to Die”: Transacting Asian Sexualities in a Feminism Classroom in SingaporeSankaran, Chitra ; Chng, Huang Hoon 
201-Apr-2012Void of ReasonSankaran C