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118-Mar-2017Yellow taxis have fewer accidents than blue taxis because yellow is more visible than blueHO TECK HUA ; Juin Kuan Chong ; Xiaoyu Xu 
2Dec-1999Who's making a quick buck? : a duration analysis of foreign direct investment in ChinaGu, Yanmin 
32009When uncertainty brings pleasure: The role of prospect imageability and mental imageryLee, Y.H. ; Qiu, C.
42004When the cat's away: A content analysis of MNC overseas recruitment print adsLeong, S.M. ; Tan, H.H. ; Loh, M.S.-Y.
52010When good cheer goes unrequited: How emotional receptivity affects evaluation of expressed emotionLee, Y.H. ; Lim, E.A.I.C.
6Jun-2008What's funny and what's not - The moderating role of cultural orientation in ad humorLee, Y.H. ; Lim, E.A.C. 
71989Voting behaviour in Singapore: A preliminary investigation from a multi-attribute attitudinal perspectiveMeng, L.S. ; Tiong, T.C. ; Cheong, W.K. 
82008Visual and verbal information processing in a consumer context: Further considerationsWyer Jr., R.S.; Jiang, Y.; Hung, I.W. 
92001Value-dimensions and performance of retail salespersons: An empirical examination in a developing Asian economyRazzaque, M.A. 
102009Using brand equity to counter outsourcing opportunism: A game theoretic approachLim, W.S. ; Tan, S.-J. 
112020Up close with community engagement: A critical reflection on its pedagogical valueMukhopadhyay, Kankana ; Tambyah, Siok Kuan 
1215-May-2020Unmasking the Actual COVID-19 Case CountHO TECK HUA ; Samuel Kou ; Shihao Yang; Chia-Jung Chang ; Lisa Graver
1311-Nov-2016Unlocking value from machines: business models and the industrial internet of thingsMichael Ehret; Jochen Wirtz 
142008Understanding consumer animosity in an international crisis: Nature, antecedents, and consequencesLeong, S.M. ; Cote, J.A.; Ang, S.H. ; Tan, S.J. ; Jung, K.; Kau, A.K. ; Pornpitakpan, C.
152000Trade in Thailand: A three-way cultural comparisonPornpitakpan, C. 
161990Tourism multiplier effects on SingaporeKhan, H.; Seng, C.F. ; Cheong, W.K. 
172010To push for stardom or not: A rookie's dilemma in the Tamil movie industryKrishnan, T.V. ; Sakkthivel, A.M.
18Jul-2019To Buy or to Resist: When Upward Social Comparison Discourages New Product AdoptionChung, Jaeyeon Jae; Lee, Leonard 
192011The sources and consequences of the fluent processing of numbersKing, D. ; Janiszewski, C.
2029-Aug-2018The socio-economic impact of multidrug-resistant nosocomial infections: a qualitative studyMO YIN ; Isaac Low Taoyang; TAMBYAH SIOK KUAN ; PAUL ANANTHARAJAH TAMBYAH