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115-Apr-2006Zebrafish Staufen1 and Staufen2 are required for the survival and migration of primordial germ cellsRamasamy, S.; Wang, H.; Quach, H.N.B.; Sampath, K. 
2May-2007Wiring the nervous system: From form to functionMatsuzaki, F.; Sampath, K. 
316-Nov-1998Viral pathogenicity determinants are suppressors of transgene silencing in Nicotiana benthamianaBrigneti, G.; Voinnet, O.; Li, W.-X.; Ji, L.-H. ; Ding, S.-W. ; Baulcombe, D.C.
419-Mar-2021Understanding and exploiting the fatty acid desaturation system in Rhodotorula toruloidesLiu, Yanbin; Koh, Chong Mei John ; Yap, Sihui Amy ; Cai, Lin; Ji, Lianghui 
52015Twilight, a Novel Circadian-Regulated Gene, Integrates Phototropism with Nutrient and Redox Homeostasis during Fungal DevelopmentDeng Y.Z.; Qu Z.; Naqvi N.I. 
6Apr-2008Transgene integration and organization in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genomeZhang, J.; Cai, L.; Cheng, J.; Mao, H.; Fan, X.; Meng, Z.; Chan, K.M.; Zhang, H.; Qi, J.; Ji, L. ; Hong, Y.
7Jun-1998Transcription of the Arabidopsis CPD gene, encoding a steroidogenic cytochrome P450, is negatively controlled by brassinosteroidsMathur, J. ; Molnár, G.; Fujioka, S.; Takatsuto, S.; Sakurai, A.; Yokota, T.; Adam, G.; Voigt, B.; Nagy, F.; Maas, C.; Schell, J.; Koncz, C.; Szekeres, M.
82006Trans-kingdom transposition of the maize Dissociation elementEmelyanov, A.; Gao, Y.; Naqvi, N.I. ; Parinov, S.
915-Dec-2005The zebrafish dorsal axis is apparent at the four-cell stageGore, A.V.; Maegawa, S.; Cheong, A.; Gilligan, P.C.; Weinberg, E.S.; Sampath, K. 
1027-Aug-1998The WASp homologue Las17p functions with the WIP homologue End5p/verprolin and is essential for endocytosis in yeastNaqvi, S.N. ; Zahn, R.; Mitchell, D.A.; Stevenson, B.J.; Munn, A.L. 
11Jun-2001The suppressor of transgene RNA silencing encoded by Cucumber mosaic virus interferes with salicylic acid-mediated virus resistanceJi, L.-H. ; Ding, S.-W. 
121-Jul-1998The ROOT HAIRLESS 1 gene encodes a nuclear protein required for root hair initiation in ArabidopsisSchneider, K.; Mathur, J. ; Boudonck, K.; Wells, B.; Dolan, L.; Roberts, K.
132013The role of Snx41-based pexophagy in magnaporthe developmentDeng Y.; Qu Z.; Naqvi N.I. 
1421-Dec-2020The retromer CSC subcomplex is recruited by MoYpt7 and sequentially sorted by MoVps17 for effective conidiation and pathogenicity of the rice blast fungusWu, Congxian; Lin, Yahong; Zheng, Huawei; Abubakar, Yakubu Saddeeq; Peng, Minghui; Li, Jingjing; Yu, Zhi; Wang, Zonghua; Naqvi, Naweed I. ; Li, Guangpu; Zhou, Jie; Zheng, Wenhui
15Aug-2008The pro-domain of the zebrafish Nodal-related protein cyclops regulates its signaling activitiesTian, J.; Andrée, B.; Jones, C.M.; Sampath, K. 
16Dec-2002The p23 protein of hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus is indispensable for host-specific replicationLiang, X.-Z.; Lucy, A.P. ; Ding, S.-W. ; Wong, S.-M. 
17Nov-1998The major resistance gene cluster in lettuce is highly duplicated and spans several megabasesMeyers, B.C.; Chin, D.B.; Shen, K.A.; Sivaramakrishnan, S.; Lavelle, D.O.; Zhang, Z. ; Michelmore, R.W.
182013The Late Endosomal HOPS Complex Anchors Active G-Protein Signaling Essential for Pathogenesis in Magnaporthe oryzaeRamanujam R.; Calvert M.E.; Selvaraj P.; Naqvi N.I. 
1915-Aug-2009The integrator subunits function in hematopoiesis by modulating Smad/BMP signalingTao, S.; Cai, Y. ; Sampath, K. 
2030-Jun-2021The Histone Deacetylases MoRpd3 and MoHst4 Regulate Growth, Conidiation, and Pathogenicity in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzaeLin, Chaoxiang; Cao, Xue; Qu, Ziwei; Zhang, Shulin; Naqvi, Naweed I. ; Deng, Yi Zhen