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12015You are here: Mimicking the human thinking process in reading floor-plansChu H.; Kim D.K.; Chen T. 
22012Wide area video surveillance with spatial-temporal constraintsShu H.; Hsu Y.-F.; Yu S.-S.; Chen T. 
32016Who ordered this?: Exploiting implicit user tag order preferences for personalized image taggingNwana A.O.; Chen T. 
42016Where do emotions come from? Predicting the Emotion Stimuli MapPeng K.-C.; Sadovnik A.; Gallagher A.; Chen T. 
52008Welcome to ICDSC 2008!Aghajan H.; Chen T. ; Rinner B.; Wolf W.
62010Weakly supervised object recognition and localization with invariant high order featuresZhang Y.; Chen T. 
72003Watermarking 2D/3D graphics for copyright protectionChang H.-H.; Chen T. ; Kan K.-S.
86-Jun-2005Water-bridge-assisted ionic conduction in probe-induced conical polymer pattern formationXie, X.N. ; Chung, H.J. ; Sow, C.H. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
92004Virtual view synthesis through linear processing without geometryKubota A.; Aizawa K.; Chen T. 
102004View-dependent non-uniform sampling for image-based renderingZhang C.; Chen T. 
112008VideoCut: Removing irrelevant frames by discovering the object of interestLiu D.; Hua G.; Chen T. 
122006Video-based rendering using feature point evolutionZhang W.; Chen T. 
132003Video-based face recognition using adaptive hidden Markov modelsLiu X.; Chen T. 
142007Video transmission over wireless multihop networks using opportunistic routingLu M.-H.; Steenkiste P.; Chen T. 
152005Video streaming over 802.11 wlan with content-aware adaptive retryLu M.-H.; Steenkiste P.; Chen T. 
162009Video retrieval based on object discoveryLiu D.; Chen T. 
171997Video coding with adaptive block updateKok C.W.; Chen Tsuhan 
181998Video coding and multimedia communications standards for InternetChen Tsuhan 
192010Video categorization using Object of Interest detectionKowdle A.; Chang K.-W.; Chen T. 
201994Vector Space Framework for Unification of One- and Multidimensional Filter Bank TheoryChen T. ; Vaidyanathan P.P.