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12018Window view and the brain: Effects of floor level and green cover on the alpha and beta rhythms in a passive exposure eeg experimentOlszewska-Guizzo, A. ; Escoffier, N.; Chan, J. ; Yok, T.P. 
22018What drives young vietnamese to use mobile health innovations? Implications for health communication and behavioral interventionsTran, B.X; Zhang, M.W.B ; Le, H.T; Nguyen, H.D; Nguyen, L.H; Nguyen, Q.L.T; Tran, T.D; Latkin, C.A; Ho, R.C.M 
32018Web-based cognitive bias intervention for psychiatric disorders: Protocol for a systematic reviewZhang, M ; Ying, J; Song, G; Fung, D.S.S; Smith, H
42018Visual and modular detection of pathogen nucleic acids with enzyme–DNA molecular complexesHo, N.R.Y; Lim, G.S; Sundah, N.R; Lim, D; Loh, T.P ; Shao, H 
52015Tuning hydrochar properties for enhanced mesopore development in activated carbon by hydrothermal carbonizationNg Y.C. ; Namgung B. ; Kim S. 
62018The effect of methylphenidate and atomoxetine on heart rate and systolic blood pressure in young people and adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regressionLiang E.F. ; Lim S.Z.; Tam W.W. ; Ho C.S. ; Zhang M.W. ; McIntyre R.S.; Ho R.C. 
78-May-2021Targeting RNA Editing of Antizyme Inhibitor 1: a Potential Oligonucleotide-Based Antisense Therapy for Cancer.Tai Tay, Daryl Jin ; Song, Yangyang ; Peng, Boya ; Toh, Tan Boon ; Hooi, Lissa ; Kaixin Toh, Desiree-Faye; Hong, HuiQi ; Tang, Sze Jing ; Han, Jian ; Gan, Wei Liang; Man Chan, Tim Hon; Krishna, Manchugondanahalli S; Patil, Kiran M; Maraswami, Manikantha; Loh, Teck Peng; Dan, Yock Young ; Zhou, Lei ; Bonney, Glenn Kunnath ; Kah-Hoe Chow, Pierce ; Chen, Gang; Kai-Hua Chow, Edward ; Le, Minh Tn ; Chen, Leilei 
82016Tapping onto the potential of smartphone applications for psycho-education and early intervention in addictionsZhang, M.W.B ; Ho, R.C.M 
930-Jun-2021Surfactant-guided spatial assembly of nano-architectures for molecular profiling of extracellular vesiclesWang, Zhigang ; Zhao, Haitao ; Zhang, Yan ; Natalia, Auginia ; Ong, Chin-Ann J.; Teo, Melissa C. C.; So, Jimmy B. Y. ; Shao, Huilin 
102019Subtyping of circulating exosome-bound amyloid ? reflects brain plaque depositionLim, C.Z.J.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhao, H. ; Stephenson, M.C.; Ho, N.R.Y.; Chen, Y. ; Chung, J.; Reilhac, A. ; Loh, T.P.; Chen, C.L.H. ; Shao, H. 
112018Socio-economic disparities in attitude and preference for menu labels among vietnamese restaurant customersNguyen, L.H; Tran, B.X; Nguyen, H.L.T; Le, H.T; Do, H.T; Kim Dang, A; Nguyen, C.T; Latkin, C.A; Zhang, M.W.B ; Ho, R.C.M 
1211-Feb-2019Self-healing electronic skins for aquatic environmentsCao, Yue; TAN YU JUN ; LI SI ; LEE WANG WEI ; Guo, Hongchen; Cai, Yongqing; Wang, Chao; TEE CHEE KEONG, BENJAMIN 
139-May-2018Self-Healing Electronic Materials for a Smart and Sustainable FutureTAN YU JUN ; Wu, Jiake; Li, Hanying; TEE CHEE KEONG, BENJAMIN 
1417-Jul-2021Scaling Metal-Elastomer Composites toward Stretchable Multi-Helical Conductive Paths for Robust Responsive Wearable Health DevicesZhao, Yue; Tan, Yu Jun ; Yang, Weidong ; Ling, Shaohua; Yang, Zijie ; Teo, Ju Teng; See, Hian Hian; Lee, David Kwok Hung ; Lu, Dingjie; Li, Shihao; Zeng, Xianting; Liu, Zhuangjian ; Tee, Benjamin CK 
152016Revealing martensitic transformation and ?/? interface evolution in electron beam melting three-dimensional-printed Ti-6Al-4VTan, X; Kok, Y; Toh, W.Q; Tan, Y.J ; Descoins, M; Mangelinck, D; Tor, S.B; Leong, K.F; Chua, C.K
161-May-2017Relaxin' the brain: a case for targeting the nucleus incertus network and relaxin-3/RXFP3 system in neuropsychiatric disordersKumar, Jigna Rajesh ; Rajkumar, Ramamoorthy; Jayakody, Tharindunee; Marwari, Subhi ; Hong, Jia Mei ; Ma, Sherie; Gundlach, Andrew L; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Dawe, Gavin S 
172016Recovery of spiked troponin I in four routine assaysLoh, T.P ; Lim, X.C; Kieu, K; Sajiir, H; Neo, S.F; Cheng, W.L; Sethi, S.K 
182016Real time monitoring of aminothiol level in blood using a near-infrared dye assisted deep tissue fluorescence and photoacoustic bimodal imagingAnees, P; Joseph, J; Sreejith, S ; Menon, N.V; Kang, Y; Wing-Kwong Yu, S; Ajayaghosh, A; Zhao, Y
192019Quantum biological tunnel junction for electron transfer imaging in live cellsXin, H. ; Sim, W.J. ; Namgung, B. ; Choi, Y.; Li, B.; Lee, L.P. 
202016Puromycin Analogues Capable of Multiplexed Imaging and Profiling of Protein Synthesis and Dynamics in Live Cells and NeuronsGe J. ; Zhang C.-W.; Ng X.W.; Peng B. ; Pan S. ; Du S. ; Wang D. ; Li L.; Lim K.-L. ; Wohland T. ; Yao S.Q.