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11-Oct-2022左右為難的習題莊嘉穎; Chong, Ja Ian 
227-Mar-2019When Militaries Become Spoilers in Civil War Peace Settlements: Managing the Indonesian Armed Forces in the Aceh ConflictTerence Lee Chek Liang 
314-Jul-2017What Motivates Environmental Leadership Behaviour---an empirical analysis in TaiwanXuejiao NIU ; XiaoHu Wang; Hanyu Xiao
42004War and ghosts in Mozi's political philosophyWong, B. ; Loy, H.-C. 
52009Visual representations of ethnic violence: An Indonesian portrayalDavidson, J.S. 
61997Vietnam and ASEAN: The politics of accommodationSingh, H. 
71-Apr-2020Urban versus Rural Voters in Malaysia: More Similarities than DifferencesOng, Elvin 
827-Sep-2016Understanding democratic governance: practical trends and theoretical puzzlesM. Shamsul Haque 
98-Oct-2018Transnational Korean Networks and Business in ChinaHyejin Kim 
101998Tradition, UMNO and political succession in MalaysiaSingh, H. 
1124-Aug-2020Tolerance as Implicit Order: Militias and Sexual Violence in Indonesian Counterinsurgency OperationsSOUL PARK ; Sim, Zhi Ming
122009Thoreau's critique of democracyJenco, L.K. 
132015Thomas Hobbes as a Theorist of Anarchy: A Theological InterpretationBain William Ward 
14Oct-2007Theory and practice of public administration in Southeast Asia: Traditions, directions, and impactsHaque, M.S. 
1527-Aug-2021Theoretical Projections: Cinematic Experience and Political ThinkingLuke O'Sullivan 
162018Then and Now: Campaigns to achieve rice self-sufficiency in IndonesiaDavidson, J.S. 
171-Jun-2010The unnecessary uprising: Jeju Island rebellion and South Korean counterinsurgency experience 1947-48Park, S 
1821-Jun-2010The unnecessary uprising: Jeju Island rebellion and South Korean counterinsurgency experiSoul Park 
191-Oct-2022The state of academic freedom in Singapore’s world-beating universitiesChong, Ja Ian ; George, Cherian ; Ang, Shannon
202006The specificity of Sushi peptides for endotoxin and anionic phospholipids: Potential application of POPG as an adjuvant for anti-LPS strategiesLi, P. ; Sun, M. ; Ding, J.L. ; Ho, B.