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12-Nov-2016Trading with the Enemy? The Futility of US Commercial Countermeasures against the Chinese ChallengeDong Jung Kim 
22015Topological properties determined by atomic buckling in self-assembled ultrathin Bi(110)Lee J.H. ; Avsar A. ; Jung J. ; Tan J.Y. ; Watanabe K.; Taniguchi T.; Natarajan S. ; Eda G. ; Adam S. ; Castro Neto A.H. ; Ozyilmaz,Barbaros 
324-Sep-2012Time bounds for general function pointersDockins, R.; Hobor, A. 
4Jul-2008Theorizing the international rule of lawNardin, Terry 
52005The use of ecological momentary assessment to test appraisal theories of emotionTong, E.M.W.; Bishop, G.D. ; Enkelmann, H.C.; Why, Y.P. ; Diong, S.M.; Khader, M.; Ang, J.
62013The tobacco-free generation proposalBerrick, A.J. 
72013The taxonomic name resolution service: An online tool for automated standardization of plant namesBoyle B.; Hopkins N.; Lu Z.; Raygoza Garay J.A.; Mozzherin D.; Rees T.; Matasci N.; Narro M.L.; Piel W.H. ; Mckay S.J.; Lowry S.; Freeland C.; Peet R.K.; Enquist B.J.
82006The role of the Big Five in appraisalsTong, E.M.W. ; Bishop, G.D. ; Enkelmann, H.C.; Why, Y.P. ; Diong, S.M.; Ang, J.; Khader, M.
92005The relationship of hostility, negative affect and ethnicity to cardiovascular responses: An ambulatory study in SingaporeEnkelmann, H.C.; Bishop, G.D. ; Tong, E.M.W.; Diong, S.M.; Why, Y.P. ; Khader, M.; Ang, J.
101-Mar-2017The new realism and the oldTerry Nardin 
112009The effects of Neuroticism and Extraversion on cardiovascular reactivity during a mental and an emotional stress taskJonassaint, C.R.; Why, Y.P. ; Bishop, G.D. ; Tong, E.M. ; Diong, S.M.; Enkelmann, H.C.; Khader, M.; Ang, J.
122-Jan-2015The diffusion of sovereigntyNardin, Terry 
1315-Jan-2011The acyclic group dichotomyBerrick, A.J. 
14Apr-2009Strongly torsion generated groups from K-theory of real C*-algebrasBerrick, A.J. ; Matthey, M.
152007Social support schemas, trait anger, and cardiovascular responsesRatnasingam, P.; Bishop, G.D. 
162004Social support and personality among male police officers in SingaporeTong, E.M.W.; Bishop, G.D. ; Diong, S.M.; Enkelmann, H.C.; Why, Y.P.; Ang, J.; Khader, M.
17Jan-2011Sagnac-loop phase shifter with polarization-independent operationNg, T.T.; Gosal, D. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
1815-Sep-1996Row versus column operationsBerrick, A.J. ; Boey, K.L.; Leung, K.H. 
192009Premarital sexual intercourse among adolescents in an Asian country: Multilevel ecological factorsWong, M.-L. ; Chan, R.K.-W. ; Koh, D.; Tan, H.-H.; Lim, F.-S. ; Emmanuel, S.; Bishop, G. 
2020-Apr-2022Political citizenship experiments: young people‚Äôs quotidian politics and (a)political subjectivities in East Asian liberal arts universitiesCheng, Yi'En