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12020Transcriptional spatial profiling of cancer tissues in the era of immunotherapy: The potential and promiseNerurkar, S.N.; Goh, D.; Cheung, C.C.L.; Nga, P.Q.Y.; Lim, J.C.T.; Yeong, J.P.S.
222-Jun-2021Struck by a Storm: Reflections on the Perceived Uncertainties of Poststroke RecoverySHEENA RAMAZANU ; Vico C L Chiang
32018Profiling non-tuberculous mycobacteria in an Asian setting: Characteristics and clinical outcomes of hospitalized patients in SingaporeLim, A.Y.H.; Chotirmall, S.H.; Fok, E.T.K.; Verma, A.; De, P.P.; Goh, S.K.; Puah, S.H.; Goh, D.E.L.; Abisheganaden, J.A.
41-Feb-2012Engineering the First Chimeric Antibody in Targeting Intracellular PRL-3 Oncoprotein for Cancer Therapy in MiceGuo, Ke; Tang, Jing Ping ; Jie, Li; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader O; Hong, Cheng William; Tan, Cheng Peow Bobby; Park, Jung Eun; Varghese, Leyon; Feng, Zhiwei; Zhou, Jianbiao; Chng, Wee Joo ; Zeng, Qi 
52018Association of Compartmental Bone Bruise Distribution With Concomitant Intra-articular and Extra-articular Injuries in Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears After Noncontact Sports TraumaAravindh, P.; Wu, T.; Chan, C.X.; Wong, K.L.; Krishna, L.
62018A review of corneal collagen cross-linking – Current trends in practice applicationsLim, L.; Lim, E.W.L.
72019A clinicohaematological prognostic model for nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphoma: A multicenter studyTan, K.M.; Chia, B.; Lim, J.Q.; Khoo, L.P.; Cheng, C.L.; Tan, L.; Poon, E.; Somasundaram, N.; Farid, M.; Tang, T.P.L.; Tao, M.; Cheah, D.M.Z.; Laurensia, Y.; Pang, J.W.L.; Song, T.; Tan, J.; Huang, D.; Kim, S.J.; Kim, W.S.; Ong, C.K. ; Lim, S.T. ; Chan, J.Y.