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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Rab GTPases and their roles in brain neurons and gliaNg, E.L. ; Tang, B.L. 
2010Rab35 - A vesicular traffic-regulating small GTPase with actin modulating rolesChua, C.E.L.; Lim, Y.S.; Tang, B.L. 
2009Rabs and cancer cell motilityBor, L.T. ; Ee, L.N.
May-2011Rabs and other small GTPases in ciliary transportLim, Y.S.; En Lin Chua, C.; Tang, B.L. 
24-Jun-2011Rabs, SNAREs and α-synuclein - Membrane trafficking defects in synucleinopathiesChua, C.E.L.; Tang, B.L. 
2012Rac1+ cells distributed in accordance with CD 133+ cells in glioblastomas and the elevated invasiveness of CD 133+ glioma cells with higher Rac1 activityZhang B.; Sun J.; Yu S.-P.; Chen C.; Liu B. ; Liu Z.-F.; Ren B.-C.; Ming H.-L.; Yang X.-J.
Apr-2010Radical Pathways: Understanding Muslim Radicalization in IndonesiaLee, Chek Liang Terence 
1995Radical surgery for gastric cancer in SingaporeTi, T.K. 
1995Radical surgery for gastric cancer in SingaporeTi, T.K. 
2002Radiology of osteoporosisQuek S.-T. ; Peh W.C.G.
Dec-2007Ranked set sampling: Its essence and some new applicationsChen, Z. 
Jun-2013Rapid construction of shape-persistent H-bonded macrocycles via one-pot H-bonding-assisted macrocyclizationOng, W.Q.; Zeng, H. 
2015Rapid direct injection LC-MS/MS method for analysis of prioritized indicator compounds in wastewater effluentAnumol, T; Wu, S; Marques Dos Santos, M; Daniels, K.D; Snyder, S.A 
2007Rapid retrieval of protein structures from databasesAung, Z.; Tan, K.-L. 
Dec-2008Rapidly evolving fish genomes and teleost diversityRavi, V.; Venkatesh, B. 
2015Rate of establishing the gut microbiota in infancy has consequences for future healthDogra, S.; O. Sakwinska; S. E. Soh ; C. Ngom-Bru; W. M. Bruck; B. Berger; H. Brussow; N. Karnani; Y. S. Lee ; F. Yap ; Y. S. Chong ; K. M. Godfrey; J. D. Holbrook
2004Rates of caesarean section and instrumental vaginal delivery in nulliparous women after low concentration epidural infusions or opioid analgesia: Systematic reviewLiu, E.H.C. ; Sia, A.T.H.
2015Rational Design of Materials Interface for Efficient Capture of Circulating Tumor CellsLi, Y.-Q; Chandran, B.K; Lim, C.T ; Chen, X
2015Rational design of two-dimensional molecular donor-acceptor nanostructure arraysZhang J.L ; Zhong S ; Zhong J.Q ; Niu T.C; Hu W.P; Wee A.T.S ; Chen W 
1991Rational drug strategy in bronchial asthmaTan, W.C.